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The Zoroark Card it comes with isn't the Good one though, ;(
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Characters in Episode:
Ash, Cilan, Iris, Ash’s Pikachu, Bel, Professor Juniper, Iris’s Axew, Bel’s Pignite, Ash’s Oshawott, Jessie, James, Meowth, Ash’s Snivy, Joy, Joy’s Audino

Pokémon in Episode:

Pokemon Attacks used in Episode - Timecode (mm:ss):
Pignite – Tackle – 05:51

Pignite – Flame Charge – 06:06, 20:14

Minccino – Hyper Voice – 06:48, 15:37

Minccino – Tickle – 07:02, 08:42, 15:56

Oshawott – Tackle – 07:55

Oshawott – Razor Blade – 08:24

Minccino – DoubleSlap – 08:49, 15:21

Snivy – Attract – 14:00

Minccino – Attract – 14:10

Pikachu – Iron Tail – 14:57, 15:20

Pikachu – Quick Attack – 15:09

Pikachu – Thunderbolt – 16:24

Pignite – Take Down – 19:32

Pignite – Heat Crash – 19:42

Pikachu – Volt Tackle – 20:25

Episode Location: Enroute to Nacrene City (Shippou City シッポウシティ), Nacrene City (Shippou City シッポウシティ), Pokémon Center, Pokémon Center Battlefield

Episode Highlights:
- Ash receives a Badge Case delivered by Juniper’s messenger, Bel. Bel is a quirky individual who has secured two badges.
- Ash encounters a wild Minccino who adores to polish dirty objects. Mincinno manages to steal Ash’s badge case forcing him to track Mincinno over a large forest area.
- Team Rocket examines the Nacrene City architecture to develop an escape plan for their next objective
- Bel successfully captures the wild Minccino, making him her 2nd Pokémon
- Ash and Bel battle after restoring their Pokémon at a local Pokémon Center, however Ash proves to be victorious, proving that badges do not represent a trainer’s ability

Eyecatch info:
English - Who's that Pokémon? Mincinno

PokeDex/Zukan Entries:

Mincinno (Japanese-Translated): Minccino, the Chinchilla Pokémon. A Pokémon that loves clean and pretty things. When it finds something dirty, it uses its tail as a broom to sweep the dirt off.

Pignite (Japanese-Translated): Pignite, the Fire Pig Pokémon. The evolved form of Tepig. It turns the things it eats into fuel, causing a flame to burn in its stomach. When the pouches in its body flare up, its mobility and speed increase.”

Mincinno (English): Mincinno, the Chinchilla Pokémon. Mincinno love shiny things and will use its tail as a brush to clean any objects that are dirty.

Pignite (English): Pignite, the Fire Pig Pokémon and the evolved form of Tepig. Pignite’s food converts into fuel for the flame that burns in its stomach. And when fuel burns in its stomach, its speed increases.

Number of Times Team Rocket Blasted off in the episode: None

Team Rocket Balloon Enhancements: None

Did Team Rocket use a Mecha in the episode?: No

Did Team Rocket use a motto variation in the episode?: No

Episode Extras:

Professor Oak’s Pokémon Live Caster: Pansage (Yanappu ヤナップ)
The Grass Monkey Pokémon, Pansage, is a Pokémon who has a big leaf on its head as a special trait. This leaf contains components that improve blood circulation. When you eat it, your body will become warm and your physical condition will improve. That’s why Pansage shares the leaf with every unwell Pokémon it sees. Presently, it’s being researched whether this effect can be used for humans as well. Pansage have a mild personality and don’t like fighting. Apparently, they often reside in deep forests or on top of trees.

Professor Oak’s Senryuu
When you get tired, take one leaf of Pansage’s (つかれたらはつぱいちまいヤナップの)

On his quest to become a Pokémon Master, Ash and his friends continue their journey to Nacrene City, the location of the Nacrene Gym, in order to get the second badge. A young woman shouts out, “Hey Hey!” dashing down the dirt path in an attempt to catch up to our heroes. Ash, Iris, and Cilan turn to see the woman trip on a small rock in her pathway, forcing her to lose her balance, knocking Ash and Cilan into a nearby stream. After taking a splash into the stream, Ash and Cilan remove their clothing and prepare a fire and begin drying their drenched clothes. The woman begins apologizing, shouting that she is sorry repeatedly. Iris questions the woman who she is. She looks towards Ash, responding that she has a delivery for him. The woman rushes over to Ash and presents her Xtransciever to Ash, initiating a call into Professor Juniper. The connection is successfully established with Juniper greeting Ash and questioning him on his progress with gym battles. Ash responds that he currently has one badge. Juniper apologizes to Ash for not giving him a Badge Case during his prior visit and has given one to her assistant, Bel. The young woman introduces herself as Bel, the assistant that Juniper had been referring to. Bel begins rummaging through her shoulder bag, attempting to secure the badge case to present to Ash.

After a few moments, Bel continues to rummage around through her purse, still unable to locate the case. Ash and Cilan begin drying their clothes and finishing dressing as Bel finally manages to recover the badge case from her unorganized bag. The badge case is two-toned (black and blue) and covered in dust. Ash receives the case from Bel, opening it to reveal eight slots used to hold a trainer’s victory badges of Unova. Ash places his Tri Badge in its slot, stating that he wants to collect all eight badges soon. Cilan reminds Ash that they are very close to his next gym battle in Nacrene City. Bel questions Ash to allow her to examine the badge. Ash obliges, handing the case over to Bel. As Bel begins to grasp the case, a wild Minccino snatches the case and dashes into the dense forest foliage. Ash dashes away in pursuit of Minccino, following shortly behind by Bel, Iris, and Cilan. Ash soon becomes exhausted from the pursuit, stopping at a fallen tree in his path and begins gasping for air stating that he can’t believe how fast Minccino actually is. Bel responds that it only represents how great Minccino is. Iris states that it isn’t the time for Bel to smile. Bel responds that she has never seen such a nimble Pokémon such as Minccino, which causes her to become psyched. Ash climbs atop the fallen tree, shouting that he has to recover his badge at any cost. Bel suggests that Ash can simply obtain a replacement badge if he were to tell the Gym Leader what happened. Ash responds that the badge is filled with his and his Pokémon’s passionate feelings. A distant “Pika Pika” is heard, alerting Ash that Pikachu has located Minccino.

Our heroes successfully reach Mincinno, who is busily polishing the stolen badge case with its tail. Bel queries her Pokédex for Minccino’s entry: “Minccino, the Chinchilla Pokémon. A Pokémon that loves clean and pretty things. When it finds something dirty, it uses its tail as a broom to sweep the dirt off”. Cilan suggests that the badge case must have bothered Minccino because it was dirty. Bel responds that Minccino is perfect for a trainer that is lazy like her. Ash begins to confront Minccino, however is interrupted by the anxious Bel, shouting that she as finally decided to capture Minccino. Cilan sighs that he cannot believe how wayward Bel is. Iris suggests that Bel is simply selfish. Bel shouts that Ash should leave it to her, as she will capture Minccino and recover his badge case. Minccino opens his mouth and devours the badge case, nestling it within his mouth. Bel launches a lone Pokéball, which blasts open in a shimmering light revealing her Pignite. Ash opens his Pokédex, recalling the entry for Pignite: “Pignite, the Fire Pig Pokémon. The evolved form of Tepig. It turns the things it eats into fuel, causing a flame to burn in its stomach. When the pouches in its body flare up, its mobility and speed increase.” Pignite forcefully dashes forward with Tackle; however Minccino gracefully dodges the attack with minor effort. Pignite begins stomping at the ground, generating flame energy around its body in preparation for Flame Charge. A few seconds later, Pignite blazes forward with Flame Charge, crashing into the ground nearby Minccino which creates a huge plume of debris. After the debris settles, Minccino is revealed to have successfully avoided the attack, climbing up a nearby tree. Cilan suggests that in contract to her appearance, Bel battles quite forcefully. Ash demands for Bel to hurry up and recover his badge. Mincinno removes the badge case from its mouth, placing it on a nearby tree branch. Pignite begins stomping its hooves again, preparing to launch another devastating Flame Charge.

In response, Minccino closes its ears and bellows a forceful wave of sound energy, which envelops Pignite rendering it unable to move. Iris identifies the attack as Hyper Voice. Mincinno dashes down the tree branch during Pignite’s temporary immobility, hopping atop his shoulders. Mincinno begins using the tip of its tail to tickle Pignite, forcing him to uncontrollably dance around in response to Mincinno’s attack. Bel recalls Pignite into its Pokéball, responding that Minccino is truly amazing despite being so small. Ash rushes up to Bel, stating that he will have to recover his badge back by himself after all. Pikachu takes to the battlefield, preparing to confront Minccino. As Pikachu crouches into a battle stance, a Pokéball explodes releasing Oshawott. Bel questions if Ash's Pokémon ever come out on their own without being called. Iris responds that it is only related to his Oshawott. Bel giggles, stating that it is quite funny. Ash suggests to Pikachu that he should allow Oshawott to battle this time. Oshawott dashes forward with Tackle, however Mincinno’s exceptional agility allows it to effortlessly evade the attack, forcing Oshawott to slam into the ground. Ash commands for Oshawott to respond with Razor Shell, however is interrupted by Bel who shouts for Oshawott to use Hydro Pump. Ash shouts to Bel that Oshawott is unable to use Hydro Pump and shouts for Oshawott to use Razor Shell. Oshawott successfully removes his scallsword, enveloping it in an aura-like energy. Oshawott swings his attack forward, however Mincinno is nowhere in sight. Taking advantage of the element of surprise, Minccino dashes down from a nearby tree and begins tickling Oshawott, forcing him to roll back and forth from the stimulation. After a few moments, Minccino follows up with Double Slap, knocking Oshawott unconscious. Bel complains that she was only one step away from capturing Minccino. Iris explains that while the opponent is caught completely off guard due to Tickle, it strikes with DoubleSlap. Cilan examines Minccino’s battle style, stating that the way it battles is fragrant with mellow ripeness. Oshawott returns to Ash and beings pushing Pikachu into the open field as Minccino’s next opponent. Minccino replaces the badge case within its mouth and disappears into the dense foliage. Bel shouts that Minccino was able to get away. Ash responds that Minccino simply escaped because she kept butting in unnecessarily during the battle. Bel suggests that she was only giving Ash advice on the battle and soon after, questions him if he will assist her in capturing Minccino. Ash reluctantly agrees, stating that he has no choice due to having to recapture his badge case. Bel giddily hops up and down, excited that she will be able to capture Minccino. Ash sighs, complaining that he had thought he would finally be able to challenge his 2nd gym. Cilan responds that they only have one more mountain to cross in order to reach Nacrene City, so there is no need to rush.

Meanwhile in Nacrene City, Team Rocket is perched atop a structure, examining the city architecture. Jessie states that the city is full of storehouses. James reveals a tablet, which boots revealing Team Rocket’s data interface. James selects an item on the screen, revealing a map of Nacrene City. James explains that railroads were developed in Nacrene many years ago. Meowth suggests that they should check the location of the museum first. James swipes his finger, moving the map to the location of the museum. Jessie suggests that they should work on securing their escape route prior to mission execution.

Our heroes stand in an open pathway, pondering where Mincinno could have escaped. Bel questions Cilan if he has any sparkling pots or tableware. Cilan removes a single spoon from his pouch, presenting it to Bel and informing her that he polishes his silverware very thoroughly. Bel snatches the utensil with vigor and begins rubbing it in the dirt, giving it a tarnished appearance. Ash questions Bel about her intentions with the spoon. Bel responds that they will use the spoon to lure out Minccino. Iris states that Bel will take advantage of the fact that Minccino likes to polish dirty things. In an open field, Bel props a cover up with a frail stick, attached to a rope leading back to her location in a group of bushes several feet away. The cover is propped up by the stick, covering the dirty spoon in which Bel hopes to attract Minccino. Moments later, Minccino appears and begins polishing the spoon with its tail. Bel responds by yanking the cord which forces the top to fall atop Minccino, trapping him. After a few moments, MInccino manages to use its strength to lift the lid, skittering across the dirt path and successfully thwarting Bel’s capture attempt. Ash responds that he will have to take his badge case back by battling MInccino after all. Bel lectures Ash that he will have a disadvantage in close range battle. Cilan suggests that Minccino will probably use Tickle to render his Pokémon unable to fight. Soon after, Ash, Iris, Cilan, and Bel begin traversing a shallow stream and soon meet a large tree, containing Minccino perched within whom is polishing its captured wares.

Ash dashes out with confidence, calling upon Snivy. Upon sight of Snivy, Minccino hops down from the tree branch, prepared to confront its new foe. Bel compliments Ash on having a wide variety of Pokémon. Cilan questions Bel if she has any Pokémon other than Pignite. Bel responds that she has only ever had Pignite. Cilan and Iris stare at Bel in a surprised state, pondering how Bel has been able to make it as far as she has with just Pignite. Bel states that she has won most of the time by continuing to use Flame Charge over and over. Cilan questions Bel how long she has been traveling. Bel responds that she has been studying at home for a while, and has only recently started traveling. Bel explains that her father simply wouldn’t allow her to begin a journey, which is why she only has two badges. Snivy launches a strong Attract; however Minccino avoids the attack by retreating into the forest foliage. Minccino retaliates with its own Attract, successfully rending Snivy unable to battle. Moments later, Pikachu dashes to Ash’s aid, suggesting he would like to battle Minccino next. Cilan states that with choosing Pikachu, Minccino’s Attract becomes useless against another male. Pikachu blazes into battle, encasing his tail in a layer of iron and soon smashing into the ground afterwards with Iron Tail. Minccino manages to barely dodge the devastating attack. Pikachu responds with Quick Attack, using the attack’s speed boost to counter Minccino’s agility. Pikachu flips forward once more, launching Iron Tail however; Minccino retaliates with DoubleSlap. The two Pokémon clash midair, negating each of their attacks. Minccino closes its ears, and lets forth a wave of sound energy, rendering Pikachu immobile. Minccino takes advantage of the temporary opening and dashes behind Pikachu. Minccino begins to use its tail to tickle Pikachu, rubbing it lightly across his entire body.

After a few moments, Minccino grows fatigued from the attack and begins panting from exhaustion. Bel shouts out commanding for Pikachu to use Zap Cannon. Ash sighs, responding that Pikachu cannot use Zap Cannon. Pikachu launches an astounding Thunderbolt, which strikes MInccino for a direct hit. Mincinno begins stumbling from the attack, dazed from the electric-type move. Bel begins fumbling in her bag, attempting to locate a Pokéball to capture Minccino. As Bel continues to search for the Monster Ball, Minccino manages to recover from the attack and escapes into the nearby forest. Moments after Minccino’s escape, Bel reveals the Pokéball which is covered in dust and debris. The sight of dust lures Minccino back towards Bel, whom dashes across the stream and climbs atop Bel to begin polishing the Pokéball. Seconds later, Minccino’s contact with the Pokéball forces it to open, capturing Minccino’s essence. A few seconds later, the red lamp delaminates on the Pokéball, signifying Minccino’s successful capture. Cilan suggests that Minccino must have been extremely bothered by the dirt on the Pokéball. Iris questions if Minccino and Bel will be fine as partners. Cilan responds that a marriage between a quirky trainer like Bel and a steadfast Pokémon like Minccino is wonderful. With Minccino’s capture, Ash successfully reclaims his badge case.

Later in the afternoon, our heroes visit a local Pokémon Center in which they restore their Pokémon to their previous healthy states. Joy and Audino present Ash and Bel with two trays, containing their respective Pokémon. Joy explains that she has additionally completed examining his Pokémon Egg (Note: The Egg was previously obtained in Best Wishes #12) and it is very healthy. Bel questions Ash what Pokémon is inside the egg. Ash responds that he is unsure as to which Pokémon is inside the egg. Afterwards, Bel challenges Ash to a battle, who confidently accepts. An open area is located outside of the Pokémon Center, which contains chalk lines to represent a battlefield. Ash explains that each trainer will be allowed one Pokémon, and if either one becomes unable to battle, it will be over. Bel launches a Pokéball, calling upon Pignite. Ash begins to ponder what Pokémon he will use in response to Pignite; however Bel interrupts, demanding for him to use Pikachu. Ash obliges, with Pikachu dashing over to take the battlefield. Pignite blazes forward with Take Down, successfully striking Pikachu. Taking advantage of Pikachu’s damaged state; Pignite takes skyward and envelops itself in a sphere of fire energy, striking down with Heat Crash. Pikachu struggles for a few moments however; manages to recover from the attack. Pignite responds with Flame Charge, stomping its hoofs up and down against the battlefield to generate fire energy around itself. Pikachu retaliates with Volt Tackle, with both Pokémon clashing violently. As the debris settles, Pignite is announced as unable to battle, rendering Ash as the victor. Bel recalls Pignite into his Pokéball, thanking it for the hard work. Bel dashes over to Ash, stating that while she may have lost, she has only began traveling and by the time they meet again, she will have raised Pignite and Minccino to a higher level. Bel wishes good luck to Ash, and begins her departure, escaping down the forest path.

Ash and his friends have been thrown back and forth by Bel, Juniper’s messenger. Ash sets off with renewed determination for his next battle at Nacrene Gym.
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Characters in Episode: Current Episode Guide Info Correct? [Yes]
Ash, Iris, Dent, Ann, Ogura, Dango, Avery, Choko, Karena, Daniela, Axew, Pikachu, Meowth, Jessie, James, Oshawott, Dan, Deerling, Pidove, Tepig, Pansage, Snivy, Dwebble

Written Biographies for Characters in Episode:
None; All Bios are accurate

Pokémon in Episode: Current Episode Guide Info Correct? [Yes]
Trubbish, Sandile

Pokemon Attacks used in Episode - Timecode (mm:ss):
Trubbish – Sludge Bomb – 07:27, 15:00, 18:23

Ash’s Pikachu - Thunderbolt – 10:04, 17:12

Sandile – Stone Edge – 14:12, 14:32

Trubbish – Toxic Spikes – 14:38

Ash’s Pikachu – Iron Tail – 14:52

Daniela’s Deerling – Tackle – 17:04, 17:19

Episode Location: Enroute to Nacrene City (Shippou City シッポウシティ), Scrapyard, Kindergarten, Train Station

Episode Highlights:
- An entire school yard is filled with scrap, caused to a resident Trubbish who resides in the local scrap yard
- Ash relives a childhood memory by taking part in a secret base game
- Ash befriends a group of school children and negotiates with their teacher to allow the Trubbish to stay at the school.
- Team Rocket successfully rendezvous with a contact, receiving a dummy meteonite to be later used.
- Ash receives an Unknown Pokémon Egg from the daycare worker, Karena

Eyecatch info:
- English - Who's that Pokémon? Trubbish

PokeDex/Zukan Entries:
Trubbish (Japanese-Translated): Trubbish, the Trash Bag Pokémon. It is said that a trash bag that was thrown away chemically reacted with waste to become this Pokémon. It likes dirty places such as waste deposits

Trubbish (English): Trubbish, the Trash Bag Pokémon. Trubbish prefer to live in dirty places like garbage dumps. It is said they were born when a chemical reaction occurred between an abandoned trash bag and industrial waste.

Number of Times Team Rocket Blasted off in the episode: None

Team Rocket Balloon Enhancements: None

Did Team Rocket use a Mecha in the episode?: No

Did Team Rocket use a motto variation in the episode?: No

Episode Extras:
- Pokémon Mystery Egg Campaign

On their quest to get the second badge, Ash and his friends continue their journey to Nacrene City where the next Gym is located. Dent displays an electronic map to Iris and Ash, reflecting their projected route to Nacrene City. A few moments later, the shouts of children can be heard in the distance. A group of five children and a Trubbish ride on a group of tricycles towards our heroes followed shortly after by two women. One of the preschoolers’ shouts out that an enemy is spotted ahead, directing his comrades to prepare for attack. Ash stands in a confused state, pondering what the preschoolers meant by attack. The preschoolers begin launching mud balls which successfully strike Ash and Cilan; however Iris manages to escape to a nearby fence post, dodging the flurry of attacks. As the preschoolers cross paths with Ash, Trubbish grabs Ash’s hat which managed to become dislodged from his head from the prior attack. The preschoolers shout out announcing their victory, and escape into the distance. In a cloud of dust and debris, the preschoolers vanish into the horizon. Iris hops down from the fence post, questioning what the intentions of the children were. The two women who were previously pursuing the children successfully catch-up to our heroes; a younger woman of the group, apologizes for the children and states that they are overseen at her kindergarten.

Afterwards, our heroes traverse to the nearby preschool which is also partially utilized as a Pokémon Daycare. Inside, a room contains multiple egg incubators containing unhatched eggs. Cilan suggests that the eggs are filled with the kindness of raising Pokémon. The older woman in the group introduces herself as Karena, operator of the Pokémon Day Care, and the younger woman as Daniela, who runs the kindergarten. Daniela explains that the prior day, the children had brought a Trubbish to the kindergarten without permission and apparently had been found at a scrapyard in the outskirts of town. Ash queries his Pokédex, recalling Trubbish’s entry: “Trubbish, the Trash Bag Pokémon. It is said that a trash bag that was thrown away chemically reacted with waste to become this Pokémon. It likes dirty places such as waste deposits”. After completing the entry, Ash shouts that his hat isn’t garbage (Note: Ash’s hat was previously taken by Trubbish during their first encounter). Daniela states that when she first saw Trubbish, she grimaced without thinking.
Flashback: Daniela explains that upon first seeing the Trubbish, she shrieked out questioning why the kindergartners had brought Trubbish to the school. The schoolchildren explain that Trubbish had been crying, which is why they decided to bring Trubbish home. A young boy in the group questions Daniela if they would be able to keep Trubbish at the kindergarten. Daniela responds that it is impossible because Trubbish is a Pokémon that loves garbage and they cannot allow the kindergarten to be filled with garbage. The children retort that they will clean up the schoolyard if she allows them to keep Trubbish. Daniela shouts out that “No means No!” commanding for the school children to return Trubbish to the scrapyard. The children refuse her request, shouting out that they should be allowed to keep Trubbish. A few moments later, Trubbish belches a small sphere of gas which envelopes Daniela, forcing her to hold her nose due to the stench. The school children also hold their noses to shield themselves from the stench, however attempt to bear the smell and convince their teacher that it doesn’t smell at all.

With a group of reluctant school children, Daniela states that she will return the Pokémon herself, grabbing Trubbish by its plastic body and dragging it back to the scrapyard. Karena states that Daniela properly returned Trubbish back to the scrapyard where it used to be however something unbelievable happened in the morning. Ash questions Karena about what she meant by something “unbelievable”. Outside, the entire schoolyard is enveloped by discarded bookcases, fans, and other discarded consumer goods. The discarded items are stacked together around a nearby tree, creating a makeshift “fortress” for the children. Daniela explains that Trubbish and the children had collected scrap to construct their fortress. Cilan suggests that judging by its taste; it must be a secret base. Ash states that he is impressed by their efforts. Iris responds that it is not the time to be impressed. Daniela states that there will be no surprise if the structure collapses and they should clean it up as soon as possible. Karena questions our heroes if they will aid in the restoration. Ash, Iris, and Cilan respond that they would be glad to assist in their efforts. Daniela thanks the trio for their efforts, stating they will be of great assistance.

Moments later, the group of preschoolers reveal themselves, shouting that it is the secret base of the Trubbish Squadron. The children are adorned in makeshift cardboard armor and weapons. Daniela shouts out to the children, suggesting that they should stop the secret base game. Ash questions Daniela to allow him to pursue the children, as he used to play squadron in his childhood as well which allows him to understand their feeling better. Daniela and Karena agree to allow Ash to pursue the children. As Ash begins ascending the fortress, a child shouts out commanding for the Trubbish Squadron to begin attacking. Trubbish leaps forward and launches a ball of toxic sludge, with collides with the ground nearby, releasing a foul stench which envelops both Ash and Pikachu. As Ash and Pikachu attempt to recover from the attack, the children follow-up with a shower of mud balls which manages to strike Ash in his face. Afterwards, a young boy in the Squadron starts an electric fan, which begins repelling a nearby rope attached to a wooden post. Seconds later, the post is dislodged from the scrap fortress, which forces Ash and Pikachu to crash into the ground. The school children surround Ash, commanding for him not to move. Iris shouts out to Ash, questioning what had happened. Ash explains that he had been captured by the children. Iris commands for Ash to pull himself together. The school children begin shooting Ash and Pikachu with a stream of water, commanding for the two to behave.

Afterwards, Ash successfully enters the secret base, constructed with cardboard and adhesive tape. Ash compliments the children on their construction, stating that it is well-made. Ash questions if the children had built the entire structure by themselves. A young girl, named Choko, in the group explains that Trubbish also assisted in the construction. A boy, named Avery, (wearing Ash’s hat) scolds Choko explaining that she cannot make friends with the enemy. Ash introduces himself and his Pikachu. Choko shouts that she has never seen a real Pikachu before. The children rush over to Pikachu and begin stroking its fur, squealing over Pikachu’s cute appearance. Ash explains that he is not their enemy and has only come to talk. Avery begins pulling at Pikachu’s tail recklessly with the other children. Ash shouts out that the children shouldn’t be so careless with Pikachu, as he will not take responsibility if they are hit by electricity. The children dash backwards in fear, as Pikachu takes stance to launch Thunderbolt. The children stare in anticipation; however Pikachu simply continues to pose in the stance, never intending to launch the attack. Ash explains that Pikachu is an Electric type Pokémon, and cause use a move called Thunderbolt. Pikachu launches Thunderbolt as an example, enveloping Ash in its electric energy. Trubbish walks up to Pikachu and begins standing in a pose to attempt to express itself in a cute manner like Pikachu had previously done. Ash stares at the Trubbish in a confused state, responding that Trubbish is also cute in its own way. The children respond that Trubbish is cute as well. Avery returns Ash’s hat, apologizing for their previous actions.

Later in the afternoon, Team Rocket rendezvous with a comrade at a local train station. In the background, a news reporter discusses the scrapyard incident involving Trubbish. An older man adorned in black clothing approaches Team Rocket and takes a set on the opposite side of their location. Jessie asks the man when the limited express will depart. (Note: This is used as a phrase to identify herself to the messenger). The man responds with “7 PM”, placing a small rectangular case on the ground and kicking it across the floor towards James. James opens the case to reveal a dark object. James questions the man what the object is to be used for. He responds stating that it is a dummy of a certain stone (meteonite) and they will be contacted later with the details. The man continues by complimenting the trio and begins departing, stating that Giovanni has had a high opinion of the trio lately.

Ash suggests to the Trubbish Squadron that they it would be better if they stopped hiding and made up with Daniela. The children shout back that it isn’t their fault, and their actions were influenced by the instructor. The children complain that Daniela only wants to throw Trubbish away although it hasn’t done anything wrong. Ash questions the schoolchildren, inquiring if Daniela wanted to dispose of Trubbish due to it exhaling a foul stench. A younger girl in the squadron, Ann, responds that it is very smelly however is interrupted by Avery who rebukes that it isn’t smelly at all. Trubbish exhales a foul stench which quickly engulfs the interior of the tree house. The school children attempt to deceive Ash by shouting that it isn’t smelly; however after a few moments, Ash screams out that it is in fact smelly. Ash manages to escape from the tree house, taking a much need gasp of fresh air. Avery continues to support Trubbish, stating that it isn’t smelly at all.

A thunderous roar is heard in the distance, and shortly after Sandile reveals itself from underneath the pile of scrap. Ash identifies the Sandile as the previous Pokémon he had encountered at the hot springs. Sandile begins to gather energy in its back, soon forcing it into skyward generating a cluster of small boulders. After a few moments, Sandile launches the attack towards Ash which collides into the nearby terrain. Ash identifies the attack as Stone Edge. The school children begin attacking Sandile, launching a cluster of mud balls which collide with Sandile. Sandile launches another Stone Edge attack, which shatters around the school children. Trubbish launches a sphere of poison energy skyward, which explodes into smaller spheres and absorbs into the terrain surrounding Sandile. Ash identifies the previous attack as Toxic Spikes. Sandile begins pursuing the children, however collides with the cunningly laid Toxic Spikes attack laid by Trubbish. Pikachu follows-up with Iron Tail, striking forth and launching Sandile into the air. With Sandile air born, Trubbish launches Sludge Bomb which successfully strikes Sandile, launching it skyward away from the school. The children cheer in excitement thanking Ash for his efforts.

Shortly after, Daniela interrupts the chatter, suggesting that they should discuss the matter with Trubbish properly. Iris questions Ash why he is now friends with the school children. Ash responds that it just happened in the flow of things. Daniela questions the children about how much longer they want to barricade themselves in the tree house. Avery responds that they will barricade themselves until she agrees to allow Trubbish to stay at the playground. Daniela refuses the child’s statement, stating that Trubbish cannot stay. The school children begin shouting that they do not understand her reasoning. Ash recommends that Daniela should listen to what the children have to say. Daniela responds that Ash should be quiet in the matter, as it is her kindergarten. Ash responds that it is also the children’s kindergarten as well. Daniela rebukes Ash’s statement, stating that she has to protect the children, and will do it by force if necessary. Daniela soon reveals a Pokéball, calling upon her Deerling. Ash steps forward, announcing that he will be her opponent in the battle as he is also a member of the Trubbish Squadron. Deerling dashes forward with Tackle, striking Pikachu. Pikachu retaliates with Thunderbolt; however Deerling successfully dodges the attack. Deerling retaliates with another Tackle, however misses Pikachu, slamming into the fortress of scrap. Deerling’s attack forces the tower of scrap to become dislodged, and begins crashing down. Deerling uses its forehead to temporarily stop the pile of scrap from collapsing. Ash and Pikachu rush over and begin holding the wall of scrap with Deerling, granting everyone an opportunity to escape. Daniela commands for Avery to hurry and run away. Avery refuses, stating that he will stay with Trubbish. Seconds later, a bookcase crashes down from the pile of scrap on a collision course with Avery. Daniela dashes behind Avery and successfully blocks the bookcase from smashing Avery. Trubbish begins launching a barrage of Sludge Bomb attacks, which collides with the pile of scrap and disperses it amongst the schoolyard, preventing it from collapsing on Ash, Avery, and Daniela.

Afterwards, the school children apologize to Daniela for their previous actions. Daniela responds that she is also at fault, for not listening to the children previously. Ash states that the children really love Trubbish, and questions Daniela on his behalf, if they could be allowed to keep Trubbish. After pondering on the proposal, Daniela decides to allow Trubbish to stay at the schoolyard. Karena states that Trubbish should stop exhaling four air once it has befriended the person in question. Dent questions if Karena had known it all along. Karena responds that of course she knew it, due to being a daycare worker. Iris questions why Karena simply didn’t inform Daniela of the information before. Karena responds that individuals have to find out how to raise Pokémon on their own.

Night has fallen on the land and our heroes’ aide in the removal of the scrap. Our heroes’ Pokémon also assist in the cleanup including Pikachu, Oshawott, Tepig, Pansage, Snivy, and Dwebble. After a long night’s work, the school yard is completely rid of scrap. Ash, Iris, and Cilan prepare for departure from the school grounds. Karena interrupts Ash, presenting a round cylinder with a Pokémon Egg, stating that it is her reward to him. Karena continues that he will be able to see what Pokémon it is when it hatches. The school children wish Ash, Iris, and Cilan good luck on their adventure, and suggest that they should play sometime again. Ash responds that they should battle in the future.

Ash and his friends set off again, looking forward to the day they battle the children. Together with the new Pokémon egg, they continue their journey to Nacrene City where the next Gym is.

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Ash has challenged his first gym in the Unova region. At the Straiton Gym, which has triplet Gym Leaders, Ash suggested facing off against all three. After experiencing one victory and one loss, the opponent in his third match is Cilan. If Ash wins the match, he will be able to get his first Victory Badge.

Pansage directs an astonishing Solar Beam attack at Oshawott. Moments before the beam strikes, Oshawott utilizes his shell to reflect the beam away from his body and up through the gym ceiling. Oshawott sighs, having just avoided a devasting attack while Cilan stares in astonishment. Cilan suggests that it's quite an interesting way for one to defend themselves. Dent states that he has seen a lot of Oshawott, but never one with its defensive strategy. Ash shouts that there is more to his Oshawott's strength than what it appears. Cilan shouts that he won't hold back either in the battle. Pansage continues its barrage with Bullet Seed, launching a storm of energized seeds at Oshawott. Oshawott continues to use his scallsword to reflect the attacks. Oshawott leaps upwards, enveloping his shell in a blue energy in preparation to launch Razor Shell. Pansage takes advantage of Oshawott's opening and launches another stream of seeds, which forces Oshawott to dodge the attacks midair and results in Oshawott dropping his scallsword. Ash shouts for Oshawott to retrieve his scallsword. Oshawott rushes over to retrieve his scallsword however Pansage intervenes, launching Bullet Seed at Oshawott as his scuttles across the battlefield. Cilan shouts out that it's "Tasting Time". A group of girls begin squealing at Cilan's announcement of "Tasting Time". Iris questions the purpose of "Tasting Time".

Cilan begins examining Ash and Oshawott as a Pokémon Sommelier. Cilan suggests that Ash and Oshawott are far from having reached the kind of "flavor" that he had anticipated. Cilan states that the content of their battle has no depth and their attacking pattern is plain; and personally he is disappointed with their disappointed. Ash questions Cilan about his comment about being Cilan. Cilan suggests for Ash to look at Oshawott, who has limited agility and experience, and compare it to his Pansage. Cilan states that with the lucidity of his attacks, woven by the scent of moist grass, Pansage is truly the star of the battlefield. Iris complains that a Pokémon Sommelier as a Gym Leader can be somewhat tiresome. Cilan suggests that the fact that Ash would challenge a Grass type with a Water type Pokémon in the first place, can only be described as a poor sense of "taste". Ash responds that Pokémon battles aren't just about type compatibilities; if he would come to understand his Oshawott. Cilan laughs, suggesting that Ash is desperate. Cilan continues that with Ash's blend, Oshawott's "taste" will only become worse and worse. Ash states he is doubtful and commands for Oshawott to launch is Water Gun attack at a nearby wall. Oshawott stares in a confused state, with no enemy in sight. Ash shouts that it will be fine. Oshawott launches a stream of water, which reflects off the gym wall and through the battlefield, finally colliding with his scallsword, propelling it into the air. Cilan suggests that Oshawott had been hiding such an unusual "taste". Oshawott flips forward, grabbing the descending scallsword, and blazes forward, striking Pansage with Razor Shell. Pansage launches forward with his mouth gaped wide open, preparing to launch Bite. The two Pokémon manage to successfully strike each other with Bite and Razor Blade, standing still anticipating whom will fall first. After a few moments, Pansage loses consciousness and slams into the ground. Pansage is announced as unable to battle. Chili announces that the winner with two victories and one loss, is the challenger Ash. Cilan, Chili, and Cress present Ash with the Tri Badge. Chili states that it is proof of his victory at the Striaton Gym. Ash shouts out that he obtained his first badge of the Unova region. Ash questions Iris about his battle, shouting that he had won. Iris states that although he won, he went through the trouble of battling all three leaders even when he wasn't required. Iris continues that he deliberately chose to go the hard way and would have looked bad if he hadn't won. Ash questions Iris why she is so mean to him. Iris boldly suggests that overcoming the type disadvantage in the battle only went well because his Pokémon responded to him and he should think a bit more about tactics and choice of moves. Ash demands for Iris to show her skill, challenging her to a battle. Iris agrees however Cilan interrupts suggesting they should battle later. Cilan states that Ash and Iris are producing quite a lovely "flavor". Ash questions Cilan about his reference to "flavor". Iris states that it means "aroma". Cilan questions if the two are traveling together. Iris shouts that they are not together and storms out of the gym congratulating Ash on his battle.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket manages to successfully infiltrate the Dream Site located in the vicinity of Straiton City. Jessie states that it was previously where the future energy was being produced. Meowth contributes that it is now just a shadow of it's former self. The Dream Site is littered in ruins, from a previous structure, which now lies in shambles. Jessie announces that they will begin the mission immediately. James places a case onto the ground, and removes a rectangular object, twisting it to form an axel and wheels. James installs the set of wheels into a small diagnostic machine. Jessie and James complete the construction by attaching two antennas, which are used to monitor the future energy. Jessie initiates the system, stating that it will detect the traces of the future energy and transfer the data back to headquarters. Meowth presses a small diagnostic board on the machine, which forces it to initiate, rotating its antennas towards the ground and begins examining the area. After a few moments, the nearby area begins reacting, emitting a purple energy in response to the machine. Meowth suggests that the response is getting stronger. At Fennels' residence, her Munna begins reacting to the energy.

Afterwards, Ash places Tepig and Oshawott's Monster Ball into a small container at a local Pokémon Center. The resident Joy greets Ash. Ash questions if she is the same woman they previously met in Accumula Town. Joy responds that the person they met was actually her younger sister. Joy reveals a photo, containing herself and her thirteen siblings (This suggests there are fourteen Pokémon Centers in the Unova Region). Joy points to the corner of the picture, pointing out both herself and her younger sister. Ash sighs that they all look identical after all. Joy greets Ash, stating that a Pikachu is rare in Unova. Joy questions if Pikachu will have a Gym Match later in the day. Cilan enters the Pokémon Center, interrupting the conversation and responding that the match has already ended. Cilan states that Ash proved himself to be very strong. Ash questions why Cilan is at the Pokémon Center, and Cilan responds that he would like to talk to Ash for a moment. Ash and Cilan take a seat at a nearby table. Cilan states that the battle was fruitful and the depth of the combination between Ash and his Pokémon intoxicated him. Ash shrugs, suggesting that he is exaggerating. Cilan states that as a Pokémon Sommelier, he has tons of things that he would like to ask for future reference. Ash shouts for Cilan to ask him anything. Cilan begins barraging Ash with questions such as; "How can I bring out Pokémon’s innermost scents and talents like you do?" and "What is the secret behind the hidden flavor of turning type compatibilities over and grasping victory?". Cilan edges towards Ash, demanding for Ash to respond. Ash embarrassed, responds that he doesn't know the answer.

Joy's voice is overheard on the Pokémon Center speaker, announcing that Ash's Pokémon have all recovered. Ash rushes over to recover his Pokémon, and is greeted by a Audino pushing a cart containing Pikachu and his two Monster Balls. Ash questions Cilan about which Pokémon it is. Cilan responds that it is an Audino that assists Joy at the Pokémon Center. Ash reaches for his Zukan, querying its data. The Zukan chirps: "Audino, the Healing Pokémon. When touching a Pokémon with its large ears, it can sense its state of health as well as its feelings.". Iris rushes inside of the Pokémon Center, which Axew grasped in her arms shouting for Joy. Axew is enveloped in future energy, which has forced him to go to sleep. Joy questions Iris what has happened. Iris states that Axew was bathed in a strange, pink light and was put to sleep. Iris continues that she doesn't know what it is, but it's flying around everywhere outside. A few moments after, Fennel dashes inside of the Pokémon Center with her Munna. Fennel commands for Munna to wake Axew up. Munna approaches Axew and begins absorbing the future energy inflicted on Axew. Ash opens his Zukan, retrieving the entry on Munna: "Munna, the Dream Eater Pokémon. After eating the dreams of humans or Pokémon, it can project those dreams into the smoke it ejects from its body.". Munna manages to complete absorbing the energy and begins to emit a pink smoke, which displays Axew's dream. The dream is depicted as Axew racing through a field playfully and finally comes to a stop, evolving into Fraxure. After a few moments, Fraxure soon evolves into Haxorus. The cloud dissipates and Iris looks down upon Axew, stating that he was dreaming about evolution. Fennel, the dreaming maiden, introduces herself as a scientist who performs research on the mysterious powers of Pokémon. The future energy continues to envelope the city as the residents stay inside, unaware of its affects. The group exit the Pokémon Center, and Iris suggest that the energy is what put Axew to sleep. Fennel states that the future energy is produced by Musharna's dream smoke. Ash questions about whom Mursharna is. Cilan suggests that it is the evolved form of Munna. Fennel confirms that he is correct. Ash opens his Zukan, recalling Musharna's entry: "Musharna, the Trance Pokémon. The evolved form of Munna. It can make the dreams it ate materialize in the smoke leaking out of its forehead". Fennel states that Musharna also has the ability to eat dreams and project them into smoke. A police enforcement vehicle hastily approaches the group and screeches to a halt. A young officer, Jenny, exits the vehicle and suggests for them to return their Pokémon to their Monster Balls immediately. Jenny continues that throughout the city, a strange phenomenon is going on which is forcing Pokémon that are bathed in the light to fall asleep. Ash interrupts stating that his Pikachu dislikes going into its Monster Ball. Fennel removes Ash's hat and places it on Pikachu, in an attempt to protect him from the future energy. Cilan questions if Munna will be fine. Fennel suggest that Munna and the light are being drawn to each other, after all and will be fine. Fennel states that the key to solving the mystery of the disturbance should be located at the Dream Site.

An announcement is overhead throughout the city which directs citizens to keep their Pokémon inside. The group enter Jenny's vehicle and begin departure towards the Dream Site. Cilan questions if the Dream site is the ruins on the outskirts of town. Cilan states that he heard there was a huge explosion three years ago. Fennel confirms Cilan's rumors, responding that the ruins are the remains of the Pokémon Energy Laboratory. Fennel states that research was done on how the smoke Musharna produces after eating dreams could be harnessed and turned into energy for everyone. Fennel continues that she was also a part of the research team. Ash questions Fennel about her comments about turning dreams into energy. Fennel suggests that if they had completed the research, they would have been able to produce the ultimate clean energy. Fennel states that the base of the energy was the dreams of humans and Pokémon. Although, during their research, a group of individuals arrive claiming that they own the rights to the energy. Fennel suggests that the greedy ambitions that the individuals possessed also resembled dreams in a sense. Fennel suggests that Musharna had absorbed the greed-filled thoughts and was unable to dispose of the swelling dreams, which resulted in the explosion three years ago that tore the laboratory to pieces. Fennel states that Musharna disappeared after the explosion in the laboratory. Fennel continues that it is the reason why she has stopped researching. Fennel states that after Musharna disappeared, she grew tired of research and moved away from the city, however because Munna sensed something, she returned to Straiton to investigate. Fennel suggests that with the appearance of the future energy, Musharna must be alive somewhere.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket continue their diagnostics at the Dream Site. Jessie examines that it is an amazing response. James states that it exceed expectations. Meowth suggest that the mission was a huge success. After a few moments, our heroes arrive at the scene, racing towards Team Rocket. Jenny questions Team Rocket, questioning them about their actions at the Dream Site. James responds that they are searching for the lingering fragrance of dreams. Fennel states that Team Rocket's machine increases the remaining future energy in the area. Jessie confirms that she is correct. Jenny demands to know who Team Rocket is. Team Rocket shouts that when she asks who they are, the answer she shall receive will be for the sake of tomorrow. Jenny questions why an organization from the Kanto region is in Unova. Jessie states that their project is to gain total control of the Unova region. James contributes that the energy remaining at the Dream Site will be fully revived by the hands of Team Rocket. Meowth shouts that they won't forgive anyone who dares to interfere. Cilan questions Fennel if Musharna could have tried to alert them to Team Rocket through Munna. Munna nods in agreement. A few moments later, the future energy begins reacting and envelops everyone. Jessie questions what Pokémon Musharna is. James states that it is a Pokémon which is said to have assisted in the experiment at the laboratory. Meowth suggests that in addition to accomplishing their mission, they can capture the Pokémon which resulted in the creation of future energy itself. The future energy begins reacting, forming a small sphere. The sphere soon dissipates revealing Musharna. Fennel races over to greet Musharna however Team Rocket utilize their machine to launch a ray of energy at Fennel which collides with the ground at her feet. Team Rocket continues to launch energy at Ash and Fennel, demanding that they will claim Musharna. Team Rocket utilizes one of the antenna to generate a green beam of energy, which envelops Musharna effectively trapping its movements. Jessie proclaims that Musharna now belongs to Team Rocket and they won't let them interfere. Pikachu blazes forward towards Team Rocket, enveloping its body in electrical energy in preparation to launch Volt Tackle. The machine directs its energy towards Pikachu in an attempt to thwart his attack. Munna launches Psychic which manages to severely damage the machine. Pikachu follows-up with Volt Tackle which shatters the machinery, releasing its grasp on Musharna. With the destruction of Team Rocket's mecha, the future energy begins to dissipate. Jessie responds by releasing Woobat whom launches a strong Gust as cover. Team Rocket utilize the opening and escape from the scene successfully. Iris complains that they managed to escape again. Ash suggests that it doesn't matter because Fennel was finally able to reunite with Musharna. Fennel apologizes for not noticing Musharna for such a long time and states they will be together forever. Fennel thanks Ash for his assistance. Ash responds that he is happy for Fennel and Musharna. Jenny suggests that they can finally consider the case as solved. Team Rocket manage to successfully initiate communications with Giovanni. Giovanni states that their current mission is finished and all the data they collected has been successfully transferred. Jessie questions Giovanni about the analysis of the future energy. Giovanni responds that a special team is already assigned and is working on the analysis. Giovanni states that Jessie, James, and Meowth will stand by until the next mission.

Afterwards, Cilan announces to his two siblings that after meeting Ash and battling him, he can no longer stay in Straiton City. Cilan suggests that even outside of battles, there are different combinations of Pokémon and Trainers, which is something that is very important for mastering the art of Pokémon Sommelier. Chili and Cress agree with Cilan's decision and wish him luck on his journey. Ash questions Cilan where he will travel. Cilan responds that he will travel anywhere that Ash travels. Cilan suggests that with Ash, it should become a journey full of different tastes. Ash suggests that they should go together on their journey. Cilan removes a map, stating that the next gym is in Nacrene City. Cilan questions Ash where Iris is, however Ash responds that he doesn't know. Iris interrupts the two by swinging down from a nearby tree, shouting "Boo!". Iris child fully asks if she startled them. Ash shouts that she did. Cilan suggests that the three of them should travel together because personally he thinks that their combination has a really nice feel to it. Ash suggests that he thinks it would be nice to travel together as well. Iris questions why Ash gets to make the decision by himself. Ash suggests that they should travel together so they can achieve their dreams; himself as a Pokémon Master and Cilan as the world's number one Pokémon Sommelier. Ash questions Iris about what her dream was again. Iris responds that it is a secret and begins racing down the sidewalk.

Having won the Tri Badge, Ash now travels with a new friend, Cilan. With the addition of Iris, the trio's journey has now begun.
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Ash, traveling through the Unova region aiming to become a Pokémon Master, is heading to Striaton City where the first Gym is located. Ash shouts out that they have finally arrived and he will finally have his Gym Match. Iris interrupts Ash, stating that they have actually arrived at Accumula Town. Iris suggests that Ash is such a child for not knowing a simple fact. Ash sighs, stating that he thought he could have had his Gym match already. Iris questions Ash if he would like to visit the Pokémon Battle Club located in Accumula Town as she was just about to go there. Ash questions Iris about the Pokémon Battle Club. Ash and Iris manage to arrive at the Pokémon Battle Club, a gigantic lime-green building adjacent to a nearby road. Ash and Iris step inside, and Iris introduces Ash to the Bulletin Board. Iris states that all trainers enter profiles of their Pokémon or what types of Pokémon they wish to face off against. Iris states that the Pokémon Battle Club is a place for trainers to battle freely and improve each other's techniques. The two step inside an adjacent room that contains a battlefield. Inside, two trainers prepare to battle. Ash queries his Zukan for the two trainer's Pokémon, Servine and Dewott. The Zukan chirps: "Servine, the Grass Snake Pokémon. The evolved form of Snivy. It evades attacks by slipping through the shadows of overgrown trees and grass. It skillfully uses its whips to counterattack". "Dewott, the Training Pokémon. The evolved form of Oshawott. The skill to wield its two scallswords with gliding swordsmanship is acquired through harsh training".

Janovy blazes forward, enveloping its tail in a green energy in preparation to launch Leaf Blade at its foe. Dewott responds, launching a devasting Water Gun that thrusts Servine into the ground, rolling back towards Iris and Ash. An older man interrupts the battle, commanding for the trainer to take Servine and leave. The young trainer rushes over to check on Servine's well being, and soon grabs him and races out of the stadium. The older man states to leave anything battle related to him. The man introduces himself as the Battle Manager, Don George. Iris introduces herself and Ash to Don. Ash states that he has heard that anyone can battle there freely. Don confirms that he is correct. Ash states that he would like to prepare for his next Gym match. Don notices Pikachu, a non-native Unova Pokémon, saying it is very unusual and begins rubbing Pikachu's head. Don states that it's a Pokémon that doesn't exist in the region. A trainer walks up and questions Ash if the Pikachu is his and if he is willing to have a Pokémon Battle. Ash accepts the challenge, stating that he was just looking for an opponent. The two eager trainers take position at opposite positions on the battlefield. Iris mentions that the trainer had previously used Dewott in the prior battle, however if he calls out a Water type again, Pikachu will have the advantage as an Electric type. Ash commands for Pikachu to take the battlefield. A few moments later, Oshawott explodes from his Monster Ball and takes the battlefield beside Ash. Ash shouts at Oshawott, questioning him why he popped out of his Monster Ball without being called. Oshawott begins banging his shell, as eager as ever to battle, knocking Pikachu to the ground. The opponent trainer extends his arm, releasing Dewott. Oshawott stares at Dewott for a moment, and turns Pikachu around, gesturing that Pikachu should battle instead. Ash recalls Oshawott into his Monster Ball and begins preparation for battle. Pikachu launches an electrifying Thunderbolt attack towards Dewott. Dewott manages to dodge, showing off its massive speed. Pikachu responds, flipping forward encasing its tail in iron and afterwards, smashes into Dewott for a direct hit. Dewott slams into the ground and slides backwards towards its trainer. Pikachu envelops its body in an electrical force, and begins rushing towards Dewott in preparation to launch Volt Tackle. Dewott anticipates the attack and dodges, forcing Pikachu to slam into the stadium wall. Dewott responds with Razor Shell, crossing its arms and striking Pikachu with both of its sharp shells. Meanwhile, Team Rocket begin preparations to infiltrate the Battle Club's storage room. James states they should being with their plan for the material requisition. Team Rocket step inside the storeroom, and an unknown Pokémon hops on top of a group of boxes positioned in the storeroom, managing to trigger the alarm. The three bolt away as the alarm continues to wail. Three men enter the stadium, and alert the Battle Manager to the emergency alarm. They announce that there is an intruder in the storehouse and that it must be the mysterious Pokémon again. Don apologizes stating that he will have to interrupt the battle. Ash ponders about the mysterious Pokémon they referred to. Iris squeals that she would like to investigate. Ash agrees and the two dash off through the stadium entrance.

The personnel determine there was barely any damage. Don states that their surveillance camera should have captured something and they should go and check it as soon as possible. Inside, one of the young employees types at a workstation, in an attempt to access the stored video. Don explains that lately the food in the storehouse has often been looted and there are many reports from eyewitnesses about an unfamiliar-looking Pokémon. Don states it is why they have setup surveillance cameras in order to find out the true identity of the mystery Pokémon. Ash shouts that if it's a new Pokémon species, he definitely wants to obtain it. Iris suggests that Ash is such a child because a new species cannot be found that easily. Don states that the fact that they're not easy to find makes the idea all the more romantic. The employee interrupts, announcing that the preparations have been completed. Don commands for him to play the video. The clip illuminates on the screen and a black silhouette can be seen bolting off. Jessie and James stumble for a few moments and begin retreating. Ash identifies the two humans in the video as Team Rocket. Don questions Ash about Team Rocket. Ash responds that they are bad guys who try to steal Pokémon from others. Don states he has a keen eye and requests for the video to be played back. Iris states the mystery Pokémon’s silhouette is black and slim and that she has never seen a Pokémon like it before. Ash begins tapping on his Zukan, querying an entry and hands it up to Don for examination. An image of Umbreon illuminates on the screen, and the device chirps in a robotic voice: "Umbreon, the Moonlight Pokémon. An evolved form of Eevee. When its body is exposed to the moon's waves, its ring patterns glow faintly, awakening a mysterious power". Iris squeals that it is so magnificent. Don states that there shouldn't be any Umbreon in the Unova Region and if it is true, will be a big discovery.

The men exit the Battle Club in search for Umbreon. Don announces they will now begin their search to get Umbreon. The men disperse and begin searching for the wild Umbreon. Iris suggests that they should help with the search as well. Team Rocket examines the group from behind a nearby building, watching for an opportunity to reattempt to complete their objective. A Battle Club employee reports to Don that there is no sign of Umbreon in his search area. Don shouts that they should search elsewhere for Umbreon. James states that they aren't looking for Team Rocket, but actually for an Umbreon. Jessie states she is unsure what it is about however it is their chance to reattempt the capture. Meowth suggests that while they're occupied with other things, they will continue their plan for the material requisition. Jessie opens a small case and reveals a small can of paint. Meowth questions Jessie about her intentions with the paint. Jessie states they will have Umbreon lead the personnel far away from the Battle Club. Meowth states it is a good idea, however is still unaware of Jessie's intentions. Afterwards, Team Rocket manage to use the paint to disguise Meowth as an Umbreon. Meowth begins banging on a nearby building in an attempt to attract Don's attention. Once Don turns around, Meowth reveals himself and growls, "Umbreon". Don races off in an attempt to capture "Umbreon". Meanwhile, Iris and Ash place various bowls of Pokémon Food around the location in an attempt to lure "Umbreon". Ash states that he is done setting up the Pokémon Food and questions what they should do next. Iris suggests that they should split up and keep watch. Iris states if the Pokémon was willing to go as far to search for food in the storehouse, it must be extremely hungry. Iris points down a nearby path and shouts she will keep watch over there and to call for her when he spots "Umbreon". Oshawott explodes out of his Monster Ball again, eager to help with the situation. Ash commands for Oshawott to watch the area together with Pikachu. Ash states that he will go and put Pokémon food in other places as well. Oshawott waits until Ash departs, and enters the storeroom to begin devouring the Pokémon food. Pikachu rushes over and begins shaking Oshawott to force him to stop eating the food. Oshawott swings his arm knocking Pikachu backwards into a group of crates. The crates fall down smashing Pikachu on his head and afterwards, a metal pan crashes down knocking Pikachu unconscious. Oshawott shrugs and continues devouring the Pokémon food.

Meanwhile, Ash hides behind foliage examining the area in preparation for the mystery Pokémon. After a few moments, a Tepig walks up and attempts to eat the food. A rope is bound around its mouth, which prevents it from eating any food. Ash readies an empty Monster Ball in an attempt to capture the "Umbreon". Ash steps up and realizes that "Umbreon" is actually a Tepig. Ash queries his Zukan, which chirps: "Tepig, the Fire Pokémon. It blows fire out of its nostrils, but when it is unwell, sooty smoke comes out instead of flames". Ash states that he mistook the Tepig for an Umbreon because it was so dirty and thin. Tepig continues to attempt to eat the food and rubs it's nose in an attempt to remove the rope. Ash realizes that the Tepig has trouble eating the Pokémon food because of the cord entangled around its snout. Ash begins to approach the Tepig, however it notices his presence and begins walking the opposite way. Iris walks through a nearby walkway, barely managing to miss the Tepig. Ash shouts to Iris that he has discovered the true identity of the mysterious Pokémon. Ash races towards the escaping Tepig, followed by Iris who shouts that she will capture it. Tepig turns into an adjacent hallway in an attempt to thwart its pursuers however is met by a dead end. Ash approaches the Tepig and suggests that it shouldn't worry. Ash grapes Tepig's body however it struggles to escape. Tepig attempts to shoot flames at Ash, however due to its condition, only manages to shoot out a dark sooty smoke. Ash states that Tepig should stay still, and begins removing the cord entangling its snout. Ash questions who would do such a poor thing to a Pokémon. Ash manages to successfully remove the cord as Iris sets down a full plate of Pokémon food. Tepig begins devouring the food with haste, and Ash suggests that it must have been extremely hungry. Meowth, disguised as an Umbreon, continues to thwart his pursuers, however is soon met with a dead end. After successfully reaching Meowth, the four men begin to weep because they have discovered the first Umbreon that has ever been found in the Unova region. One of the men suggest that it is a big discovery that will go down in history. Another man states that if they capture the Umbreon, it will ben an achievement that will be written about in textbooks. Meowth complains that he feels sorry for continuing to lie to the men. Meowth walks forward and announces that he actually isn't an Umbreon. Don questions Meowth, asking him what he means. Meowth begins to rub his head, revealing his amulet. Meowth states that he is just passing by. Don sighs at the thought that it was only just a "talking" Meowth. Meowth excuses himself and begins walking away. Don falls to the ground, complaining that he thought he'd get the first Umbreon of the Unova region and that he can't believe that it was only a "talking" Meowth. One of the men suggest that a "talking" Meowth is a rare sight indeed. Don comes to realize that he actually did discover a rare Pokémon, however manages to realize too late as Meowth scurries off into the distance. Team Rocket returns to the storehouse in an attempt to complete their objective. James states that they have cut off the wiring to the alarm system as well. Jessie suggests that she will keep watch as James retrieves the material. James begins opening the crates inside of the storehouse, searching for their object. After a few moments, James removes an empty box on the ground, revealing Pikachu in an unconscious state. James questions why Pikachu was inside of a box in the storehouse. Jessie suggests that no matter the reason, they have successfully captured Pikachu and there’s no doubt that Giovanni will be happy about their triumph.

Ash and Iris, with a revitalized Tepig, begin to return to Don to alert him to the good news. Iris states that now that Tepig has filled its stomach, its frame has returned to normal. Ash suggests that it should now be able to get better. Don exits the Battle Club, rushing up to Ash announcing that they had previously thought they had discovered Umbreon, however they were entirely mistaken. Ash states that what looked like an Umbreon was actually a Tepig. Ash explains that there was a rope tied around its mouth so that it could barely eat, which caused it to become very thin; which is why he thought it was an Umbreon when looking at the monitor. Don states that he has been the Tepig before. Don responds that it was a Pokémon that was abandoned by a Trainer who used to previously visit the Battle Club. Don states that after the Tepig lost in a battle, it's trainer stated that they didn't need weak Pokémon, and tied the Tepig to a post and left. Don explains that he attempted to untie the cord holding Tepig, however it tore through and left. Don suggests that while looking for it's previous owner, it must have become a stray Pokémon. Ash questions how anyone could treat a Pokémon so badly. Iris suggests that once she finds the trainer, she will punish him.

Afterwards, Team Rocket walk down a nearby pathway in an attempt to make their escape. Ash shouts out demanding to know what they are planning. James shouts that Ash should stop making false accusations. Jessie and James make their escape with a briefcase and a black bag. Oshawott follows them closely behind, jumping up and down in an attempt to draw Ash's attention towards Team Rocket. A muffled "Pika Pi" can be heard in Jessie's black bag. Ash shouts for Team Rocket to wait. Jessie and James spin around and shout if he insists they wait, the answer they give will be for the sake of tomorrow. Team Rocket deliver their intro, shouting they will write their name into the Earth. One of the young men manage to identify Meowth as previously disguised as Umbreon. Ash shouts for Team Rocket to give Pikachu back. James laughs that he is the one who left it inside of a box. Jessie states that there sure are curl trainers who dump their Pokémon (making an indirect reference between Ash and Tepig's trainer). Team Rocket suggest that they just merely helped Pikachu and what they do with Pikachu is entirely up to them. Oshawott launches a stream of water at Team Rocket, however Meowth removes a small device, which creates a glass shield, which envelops Team Rocket. The glass platform begins lifting, thrusting Team Rocket into the sky away from Ash. Ash races towards the group however slips and falls to the ground. Tepig steps onto the ground and displays its willingness to help. Tepig launches an Ember attack that collides with Team Rocket's capsule, causing it to rupture. Jessie manages to drop Pikachu in the explosion. Ash races forward, sliding and catching Pikachu. Through the debris, Team Rocket manage to escape on a group of hang gliders. Ash thanks Tepig for his assistance. Iris states that Tepig are actually quite cute and that she will capture it. Tepig begins shaking his head in disagreement and walks over towards Ash. Don laughs, shouting that Tepig has chosen Ash as its partner. Don suggests that Tepig went through a lot of hardship and has finally met an excellent trainer. Ash questions Tepig if he will join him on his journey and Tepig responds, shaking his head in agreement. Ash throws an empty Monster Ball, which explodes open capturing Tepig's essence. Ash grabs the Monster Ball, shouting out, "I got Tepig!". Ash proclaims that he will finally challenge Gym matches with his new friends. Ash questions Pikachu about Team Rocket's prior statement about him being inside a box. Pikachu attempts to explain the situation, flapping his arms in a wild motion. Meanwhile, Team Rocket manage to escape and establish communication with Giovanni. Giovanni announces that their next destination will be Straiton City. Giovanni commands that soon after reaching Straiton City, they will contact headquarters and he will have them investigate a certain place.

With the addition of a new friend Ash finally challenges the Gym match. Now, what kind of battle will unfold?
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