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06 Oct 2012 07:35 AM
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New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: ソウリュウジム!アイリスVSシャガ!!/Soryu Gym! Iris VS Shaga!!. Please comment below! Thanks, your friendly PM.Net AnimeBot
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31 Oct 2012 06:27 AM
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This is the fated battle between Iris and Dragon Type Gym Leader Shaga! Will the Iris-Doryuzu combo manage to get revenge over the overwhelmingly powerful Ononokus!?

Satoshi and his friends have arrived in Soryu City. Iris is fully pumped up for her battle with Shaga, the Gym Leader of the Soryu Gym. However, she's unable to sit still as she thinks of Shaga, whom she never managed to get along with... and as she climbs the Steel Tower of Soryu City to calm her mind, she ends up causing a ruckus. Though when Iris reunites with Martha, her dorm mother from back when she lived at the Soryu School, and the school's Pokémon, the 'Axe Jaw Pokémon' Onondo, she cheers up again.

During their first battle against Shaga, Doryuzu closed its heart towards Iris due to her selfish behavior... This time, the two will work together and win! Iris goes all out against Shaga! This is a revenge battle between the 'Subterrene Pokémon' Doryuzu and the 'Axe Jaw Pokémon' Ononokus... How will it end?

Voice Cast:
Rica Matsumoto: Satoshi
Ikue Ohtani: Pikachu
Mamoru Miyano: Dent
Aoi Yuki: Iris
Minami Tsuda: Kibago
Kiyotaka Furushima: Doryuzu
Kensuke Sato: Kairyu
Kenta Miyake: Crimgan
Chiaki Takahashi: Junsa
Wasabi Mizuta: Matriarch
Masaki Terasoma: Shaga
Miyako Ito: Martha
Chika Fujimura: Student A
Hiroo Sasaki: Townsperson
Mana Hirata: Girl
Miho Arakawa: Girl
Unsho Ishizuka: Narration
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02 Jan 2013 05:29 AM
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That was a really cool, and I found Iris climbing the tower rather random (even though it's explained a bit later).
I have to admit, I was surprised to learn she attended school at all, even if it was for a very short period. I thought she wouldn't have attended anything at all, and remained in the Dragon Village all the time.

The battle against Shaga was great, though not really surprising... it went pretty much as I expected, which isn't a bad thing. Iris getting a crushing defeat wouldn't have made any sense, and her winning would've been even more illogical after this whole 'you've grown so much' thing.

Cool to know she's meant to become a Gym Leader, I was wondering whether they were gonna include that in the anime's story or not. I hope she does, and that at the end of BW, we get a nice, epic battle with Satoshi. Now THAT would be a great way to end the series!

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