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Erika's Weepinbell
English Erika's Weepinbell
Japanese エリカのウツドン
Japanese (Romanized) Erika no Utsudon
Erika's Weepinbell was the second Pokémon that Erika sent out to battle in her Gym Battle with Ash. Realizing that his Grass on Grass battle technique wasn't working against Erika, Ash sent out his Charmander to battle Erika's Tangela. Erika's Weepinbell was sent out second to counter Ash's Charmander but its Flamethrower proved to be too much for it. Ash's Charmander turned Erika's Weepinbell's into raining fire after it lit the leaves on fire with its Flamethrower. Erika's Weepinbell was then sent flying with a Skull Bash that knocked it out.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Razor Leaf Grass SL 26 Turned into raining fire after Ash's Charmander lit the leaves on fire with its Flamethrower
Episodes (2)

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Erika and Kusaihana
Bad to the Bone
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