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Lara Laramie's Growlithe
English Lara Laramie's Growlithe
Japanese フウコ・ララミーのガーディ
Japanese (Romanized) Fūko Laramie no Gardie
Lara Laramie's Growlithe guards the Pokémon reserve from poachers and uninformed Trainers like Ash who don't know that the reserve is an area were Pokémon are raise freely and aren't to be captured. Lara Laramie's Growlithe is one of Lara Laramie's most trusted and loyal companions as it helps her round up Pokémon like the Tauros that got out of control. Lara Laramie's Growlithe watched the Pokémon race with Lara Laramie in the grandstands.

Lara Laramie's Growlithe knows a Fire-type move but it is unknown which move it knows as was never commanded by Lara Laramie.
Episodes (1)

The Flame Pokemon-athon
The Blazing Pokémon Race!

Pokemon Valhalla
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