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Paul's Aggron
English Paul's Aggron
Japanese シンジのボスゴドラ
Japanese (Romanized) Shinji no Bossgodora
Paul's Aggron was the first Pokémon Paul sent out to battle against Ash during their full battle at the Sinnoh League. It was the first time that Ash and his friends had seen it in its evolved form. Ash's Pikachu battled against it for a bit until it was recalled and Infernape was sent out to battle. A swift Mach Punch managed to defeat Aggron.
Episodes (2)

Familiarity Breeds Strategy!ライバル決戦!サトシ対シンジ!!Decisive Rival Match! Satoshi vs Shinji!!
A Real Rival Rouser!激闘フルバトル!サトシ対シンジ!!Fierce Full Battle! Satoshi VS Shinji!!

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