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Lenora's Lillipup
English Lenora's Lillipup
Japanese アロエのヨーテリー
Japanese (Romanized) Aloe no Yorterrie
Lenora's Lillipup was revealed before her Gym battle with Ash. Iris quickly went up to it as she found it to be a very cute Pokémon. While Lillipup is a lovable Pokémon, it showed in battle that it's cuteness shouldn't mistaken or underestimated when it comes to battling. Lenora's Herdier is a completely different Pokémon all together from Lenora's Lillipup and not the evolved form of this Pokémon. Lenora's Lillipup's Roar was very effective in causing Ash's Tepig to be switched with Ash's Oshawott in the first gym battle against Lenora. When Ash's Tepig and Lenora's Lillipup were matched up at the end of the gym battle, Lenora's Lillipup Take Down proved to be a very strong move as it knocked out Ash's Tepig and gave Lenora the match victory.
Episodes (2)

Shippo Gym Match! VS Gym Leader Aloe!!
The Battle According to Lenora
Rematch at Shippo Gym! New Move Explosion!!
Rematch at the Nacrene Gym

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