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Katharine's Mandibuzz

Character Names
  • English / United States: Katharine's Mandibuzz
  • Japanese / Japan: コハルのバルジーナ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Koharu no Vulgina
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Koharu's Vulgina
Voice Actors
Katharine's Mandibuzz made first appearance when it was set out with Katharine's other Pokémon so that Ash Ketchum could see which Pokémon she had so he'd be interested in trading his Ash's Scraggy with her.

Battle against Ash's Tepig

Katharine's Mandibuzz battled against Ash's Tepig because Katharine's Gothita liked Ash's Scraggy but Ash Ketchum was not willing to part with it. Katharine made a deal with Ash Ketchum that if she won in a battle against him, he would be forced to trade his Zuruggu. Katharine's Gothita chose Katharine's Mandibuzz to battle against Ash Ketchum, while Ash's Tepig was sent out to battle against it.

Ash's Tepig proved to be the stronger Pokémon as it was able to endure Katharine's Mandibuzz's Brave Bird after it hit it directly the first time but on the second attempt Ash's Tepig countered the Brave Bird attack with its Flame Charge and knocked it out to give Ash Ketchum the victory so he didn't have to trade his Zuruggu.
Known Moveset
Fury Attack Type
First Seen: BW 57
First attack used during battle against Satoshi's Pokabu
Dark Pulse Type
First Seen: BW 57
Satoshi's Pokabu avoided getting hit by it
Air Slash Type
First Seen: BW 57
Used in battle against Satoshi's Pokabu
Brave Bird Type
First Seen: BW 57
The second time it used it against Satoshi's Pokabu it was knocked out