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Stephan's Liepard
English Stephan's Liepard
Japanese ケニヤンのレパルダス
Japanese (Romanized) Kenyan no Lepardas
Stephan's Liepard was revealed in the third round of the Isshu League Higaki Tournament. Stephan's Liepard was matched up against Ash's Krookodile in the first match up of the third round battle. The two had a sudden clash between Shadow Claw and Dragon Claw and their strength appeared to be even. They then used Shadow Ball and Stone Edge which collided in mid-air and those attacks also proved to be even. The match up proved to be a very direct battle which was expected from Ash and Stephan. The match up began to change when Stephan's Liepard began to use Double Team in combination with its other moves to confuse Ash's Krookodile and finally land hits. The match up ended though with two consecutive Shadow Claw and Dragon Claw attacks against each other with Ash's Krookodile being the one able to endure the attacks best and win the match up.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Hyper Beam Normal BWS2 22 Krookodile dug underground to avoid it
Double Team Normal BWS2 22 Krookodile was unable to figure out which was real
Shadow Claw Ghost BWS2 22 Its first revealed move
Shadow Ball Ghost BWS2 22 Its second revealed move
Episodes (2)

Lost at the League!キバゴ迷子になる!Kibago Gets Lost!
Strong Strategy Steals the Show!ダゲキ登場!サトシ対ケニヤン!!Enter Dageki! Satoshi VS Kenyan!!

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