Bianco is a Team Plasma Grunt. Nero and Bianco are team members that often work together on missions. While transporting a captured Braviary to be used as research material, N managed to break into the truck they were driving at rescue Braviary. The two followed N to a nearby Pokémon Center as they had attached a tracking device to Braviary. They decided to try and reclaim Braviary by breaking into the Pokémon Center. Ash and his friends were there and proved to be a distraction after they realized that Plasma Gang was attacking the Pokémon Center. They followed N who had the tracking device on him now while Ash took Braviary to a save location where it could get away. Realizing that Nero and Bianco had caught up with N, Braviary returned to help N. Nero's Seviper and Bianco's Zangoose were sent out to battle against Pikachu and Iris's Excadrill. Iris's Excadrill managed to knock out Nero's Seviper while Pikachu almost finished off Bianco's Zangoose but Braviary came to Pikachu's rescue. Realizing that they were now defeated, Nero and Bianco decided to retreat as they were unable to reclaim Braviary.
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Bianco's Zangoose is a member of Plasma Gang who follows the commands of Bianco.When N managed to rescue Braviary, Bianco's Zangoose and Nero's Seviper were summoned out to intimidate N.Plasma Gang realized that N had deceived them, so they intended to hurt him with Bianco's Zangoose and Nero's Seviper. [View More]
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Saving Braviary!N再び!ウォーグル救出作戦!!N Returns! Operation: Rescue Warrgle!!

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