Gurkinn's Blaziken

Known As:
  • Flag Gurkinn's Blaziken
  • Flag コンコンブルのバシャーモ
  • Flag Concombre no Burshamo
Gurkinn's Blaziken was first seen in the Lucarionite cave and it was the final trial Korrina's Lucario had to overcome in order to obtain the Lucarionite to Mega Evolve.

Clemont noted in the battled that Gurkinn's Blaziken moves very fast and is extremely strong. Despite knocking Lucario against the cave wall, Lucario was determined and it managed to fight back to the point that it had knocked Blaziken onto the ground and just as it was about to be knocked out, Gurkinn appeared and called the battle a win for Korrina's Lucario.

Gurkinn had never revealed to Korrina that he had a Blaziken and he always knew she would finish her training and come to the cave for the Lucarionite.

Since Gurkinn was not commanding his Blaziken in the battle, the only move that can be confirmed is the Flamethrower that Ash Ketchum identified in the battle.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Flamethrower Type XY 31 Lucario was at a disadvantage with the Fire type move.