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Character Names
  • English / United States: Clemont
  • Japanese / Japan: シトロン
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Citron
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Citron
  • French / France: Lem
  • Spanish / Spain: Lem
  • Italian / Italy: Lem
Voice Actors
Citron is Eureka's older brother. He met Ash in Niare City and he and his sister were his very first battle opponents in the Kalos region, a battle he won't forget soon. He's a great inventor, a gym leader and carries his pride and joy, the "Eipam Arm" in his backpack. Bonnie is always searching for a future wife for her brother. Since she's not a Pokémon Trainer, she gets Clemont to "keep" Pokémon for her. Clemont was confirmed to be in the XY anime in Smash #153. His Japanese name is based off of the fragrant citrus fruit with the same name.

Citron's Inventions

Clemont is an inventor and has created numerous devices for different situations and many of the situations occur during their travels. He generally doesn't name the devices too well and are more of a description of what the device does rather than a name. Most of Clemont's inventions end up exploding despite Ash Ketchum's enthusiasm for them to do well and it has become a running gag in the series. Before revealing a new device he usually says the following: The future is now thanks to science! Clemontic Gear, On! (It's time for science to open up the future! Citronic Gear, on! サイエンスが未来を切りひらくとき シトロニックギア オン!).

Picture Name Episode
thumbnail Inflatable Air Pillow XY 1
Included in Citron's Backpack is an inflatable airbag.
thumbnail Aipom Arm
Eipam Arm (エイパムアーム)
XY 2
His backpack contain the arm which can be used to lift heavy items or used to unlock doors at the Miare City Tower.
thumbnail Flying Type Pokémon Attractor Machine
Bird Pokémon Luring Machine (鳥ポケモン引き寄せマシン)
XY 3
If the users stimulate the magnetic substance controlling a Bird Pokémon's homing instinct with this device, the user can be able to both draw Bird Pokémon closer and repel them!
thumbnail Electricity Generator
Electricity Generating Machine (電気発生マシン)
XY 4
Creates electricity by rubbing a mat together to change the frictional energy that generates static electricity and transform it into electric energy to be used to charge Electric Pokémon like Dedenne.
thumbnail Sticky Web Sticky-Wicket Wacker Wonk
Sticky Sticky Stick-with-it machine (ネバーギブアップマシン)
XY 6
This machine uncovers the composition of Sticky Web on DNA level, being able to perfectly reconstruct its stickiness, color, smell and nutrients!
thumbnail Pokémon Translator
Pokémon Language Translator (ポケモン語翻訳機)
XY 11
This machine comprehensively analyzes the tone of a Pokémon's voice, as well as subtle differences in its expressions and gestures, enabling the user to precisely understand Pokémon language!
thumbnail The Omni-Directional Super Sensitive Tracking Dish
Radio Wave Sensing Machine for All Directions (全方位対応型 電波探知マシン)
XY 12
Allowing it to memorize a transmitting chip's radio waves beforehand, it can pinpoint a location.
thumbnail Exercising Gear
Overeating Fat Reduction Exercise Gear (食べすぎ太り解消 エクササイズギア)
XY 15
A complete exercise kit with a treadmill and vest to increase the speed in which fat was burned off.
thumbnail Radio Wave Amplification Device
Electric Wave Amplifying Device (電波増幅装置)
XY 16
This device turned Pikachu's electricity into waves, amplified them and fired them across a wide range so Dedenne could be able to pick them up.
thumbnail Muscle Mass Magnifying Machine
Muscle Boost Machine (筋肉強化マシン)
XY 17
The special springs on these shoes are groundbreaking machines which, when compressed under one's own weight, spring up with twice as much power, enabling the user to strengthen their muscles twice as fast as usual!
thumbnail Bonnie Out of Bed-o-Matic
Forceful Eureka Wake-Up Machine (ユリーカ強制目覚ましマシン)
XY 18
To wake up Kabigon, the device was set to maximum volume. Its name seems to indicate under normal conditions it was used to wake up Eureka.
thumbnail Decoy Clemont XY 18
In order to escape from Ally, Citron made a machine that looked like him and wore his clothes.
thumbnail Automatic Pikachu Retrieval Device
Fully Automated Pikachu Chasing Machine (全自動ピカチュウ追跡マシーン)
XY 19
This is an extraordinary product which can sense Pikachu's electric energy and chase it to the end of the world, the bottom of the ocean and beyond the sky!
thumbnail Pokéstar Shooter
Pokéwood Star (ポケウッドスター)
XY 21
An automated walking tripod robot with a camera. The camera work is on par with that of Pokéwood, the movie capital, no matter whether they are fixed shots, motion shots or crane shots, whatever it films will shine like a star!
thumbnail No-Need-for-Water-type-Pokémon-Food-Chinchou-Model-Magikarp-Magnet
Bait-Less Chonchie-Shaped Koiking-Come-Here Machine
(撒き餌いらず チョンチー型コイキング こっちこいマシーンチョンチー型コイキング こっちこいマシーン)
XY 22
The Chonchie emits special sound waves which humans can't hear towards the bottom of the sea. They are very pleasant to the Koiking, so they'll come and gather around the Chonchie of their own accord making it easy to fish and catch them.
thumbnail This-Time-it-will-Attract-Only-Magikarp-for-Certain Lanturn Model
Bait-Less This-Time-Only-Koiking-Come-Here Machine
(撒き餌いらずコイキングだけ こっちこいマシーン)
XY 22
The Lantern-shaped machine will fire special sound waves towards the bottom of the ocean. They are very pleasant to the Koiking, so they'll come and gather around the Lantern of their own accord making it easy to fish and catch them.
thumbnail No-Hard-Feelings-Fair-and-Square Lottery Device
No-Hard-Feelings Lottery Machine (うらみっこなしよくじ引きマシーン)
XY 24
Players would place their stickers on one side of the machine. Each side has a path that is followed. The winners are the ones who's path ends up at the "O"
thumbnail Precisely Even Cut-o-Matic
Exact Cut 'n' Divider (セイカクニキリワケール)
XY 28
To get rid of any sense of inequality that arises when you cut and divide by eye, this machine will cut equally to the nearest 0.1 mm
thumbnail Mechanical Absorber of any Pokemon's Move
Absorb Any Pokémon Move Machine (ポケモンの技なんでも吸い取りマシン)
XY 29
It absorbs a Pokemon's Move and is effective against physical attacks, too!
thumbnail Mechanical Absorber of any Pokemon's Move, Model 2
Absorb Any Pokémon Move Machine 2.0
(ポケモンの技 何でも吸い取りマシン2号)
XY 29
The upgraded version of the original model.
thumbnail Electricity Has No Effect on Me-a-tron
Electric-Moves-Do-Nothing-To-Me Elezard Machine
XY 29
Rocket Gang told Citron that the mecha was to be made upon request by a peace organization as apparently, a ruthless and obstructive Electric Pokémon were always getting in their way.
thumbnail Pokémon Transport Machine
Pokémon Transportation Device (ポケモン移送装置)
XY 29
The device would transport the Pokémon by putting them in a bubble that could quickly send them down a tube up to 2km away.
thumbnail Citronic Gear Light XY 31
Included in Citron's Backpack is an an extendible light.
thumbnail Pokémon Power Meter
Pokémon Power Measurer (ポケモンパワー測定器)
XY 32
Using past data on the Pokémon as the standard value, the user can point it at the Pokémon they want to measure and it can instantly measure its power. It's a superb device striving to be of use for enhancing the raising of Pokémon!
thumbnail Flower Arranger 1
Little Flower Arranger 1.0 (生け花君1号)
XY 34
Automated machine for arranging flowers.
thumbnail Other Dimension Converter
Dimension Convert Device (次元変換装置)
XY 37
By making high-pressure electromagnetic waves clash against each other, it creates a big distortion in time and space, opening an entrance to a different dimension.
thumbnail Pokéstar Shooter, Mark 2
New and improved "Pokéwood Star" (ポケウッドスター改)
XY 40
Citron learned from my past mistakes with the previous model and moved forward to create this new version. It is an automated walking tripod robot with a camera. The camera work is on par with that of Pokéwood, the movie capital, no matter whether they are fixed shots, motion shots or crane shots, whatever it films will shine like a star!
thumbnail Not-a-Very-Good-Dancer Automated Good Dancing Device
Automatic If-You-Can't-Dance,-I'll-Make-You-Dance Dancing Machine
(踊れないなら踊らせてみせましょう 自動ダンスマシン)
XY 43
This machine is a groundbreaking invention that enables people who can't dance to rhythms to be able to dance.
thumbnail Mechanized Motivator
Motivation Machine (ヤルキマンマンマシーン)
XY 46
Those that wear the machine are totally motivated. It automatically starts when the user puts it on. The doll on this machine will do its utmost to root for and motivate the wearer.
thumbnail Clemontic Showers
Citronic Shower (シトロニックシャワー)
XY 48
Electricity generated by the Pokémon at the school is stored in rechargeable batteries and sent all over town with underground cables to provide electric showers for Electric Pokémon. Joy gave Citron the idea to allow Pokémon to freely absorb electric energy to recover.
thumbnail Only Lonely Robo Dancing Partner
Only Lonely Dancing Partner Robot
XY 50
The machine is used to help Pokémon learn to dance for performances.
thumbnail Robo Step-by-Step
Footprints All Over the Place-kun (足跡ペタペタ君)
XY 52
The device makes a lot of footprints on the ground to make it hard for people to track the real footprints of people.
thumbnail Pokémon Translator, Mark 2
Pokémon Thought Translator (ポケモン思考翻訳機)
XY 55
It's the evolved version of the Pokémon Language Translator Citron invented and a groundbreaking machine that visualizes the images in a Pokémon's mind.
thumbnail Easy-Peasy Mountain Climber
Easy-Peasy Mountain Climbing Machine (ラクラク山登りマシン)
XY 57
This groundbreaking machine that allows the user to swiftly climb even the most troublesome slope without using any strength!
thumbnail Body Detecting Radar Bot Mark 3
Gotcha-Living-Creature-kun (生き物みつけた君)
XY 71
It is a thermograph. It responds to living creates with a body temperature, in other words, humans and Pokémon. But it cannot tell which person or what Pokémon a response belongs to.
thumbnail Mystery Watcher 1
Mystery Watch-kun (不思議ウォッチ君)
XY 72
It is a groundbreaking machine that makes full use of available sensing technology in order to pick up and monitor inexplicable, strange powers!
thumbnail Extra Strength Pry-It-Open
Break-open-with-super-power-kun (スーパーパワーで こじ開け君)
XY 79
If a person put the wedge hands in the gap of the doors and flick the switch, it will break open the door!
thumbnail Snow Flower Finder
Finding Snow Flower (ファインディングスノーフラワー)
XY 82
This machine detects even the faintest scents of flowers blooming under the snow and tells their location.
thumbnail Fully-Automatic Lifting Machine Movie 18
This is an absolute masterpiece Citron made by applying the Pokémon move Magnet Rise. Citron used it to pick up the Prison Bottle so no one had to physically touch it.
thumbnail Weather Predictor
The Weather Forecast Machine (天気予測マシン)
XY 84
You turn this machine towards the sky and it will observe data on all kinds of things like the movement of rain clouds, the wind, the humidity and the temperature, then predict the weather.
thumbnail Rock Searcher Mark 1
Rock Searcher No. 1 (岩探し1号)
XY 86
This is an excellent device that memorizes the shape of objects displayed on a picture and automatically locates them!
thumbnail Running Generator
Running Generator (ランニング発電機)
XY 88
This is a groundbreaking machine that generates electricity whenever someone is running on the treadmill!
thumbnail Living Thing Finder Mark 2
Gotcha-Living-Being-kun Mark II (生き物見つけた君 2号)
XY 89
This is "Gotcha-Living-Being-kun Mark II", a radar robot that senses life! It was used once before to search for Eureka. This time, Citron increased the level at which it detects biological responses, which was its weakness before, so that it can now find Pokémon even more accurately and swiftly!
thumbnail Amazing Alarm Clock
Shut up, Shuzo-kun (うるさいんですシュウゾウ君)
This is an larm clock that will wake people up on time. It exploded when its alarm went off.
thumbnail Track Down Squishy For Certain Mark 1
I'll Find Squishy For Sure Mark I (絶対にプニちゃんを見つけるぞ 1号)
XYZ 10
This is an exceptional machine that automatically finds the kind of sunny spots that Squishy likes. Citron secretly built this for the sake of his cute sister because that is what makes an inventor.
thumbnail Aroma Detector
Aroma Sensing Machine (アロマ感知マシン)
XYZ 11
This is a groundbreaking machine that senses the aroma emitted by a Pokémon's flower.
thumbnail Mister Dirt Analyzing Simulator
Soil Analysis Simulation-kun (土壌分析シミュレーション君)
XYZ 15
It is a groundbreaking machine that analyzes the components of the soil, simulates seeds being planted into it and visualizes the data.
thumbnail Binacle Finder
Kametete Detector (カメテテ探知機)
XYZ 18
While not specifically made for Kametete, he decided to call it that for the occassion. As Kametete come in pairs, it just needs to find a Pokémon with the same biometric data as Right had.
thumbnail Protection Progress Machine
Observe the Progress of Protection (保護経過みるぞ~)
XYZ 21
Citron put a band-aid on Lillia and Horubee which had a tracking device integrated in them and using the detector part of the device allow him to track.
thumbnail Clembot Mini
Citroid Mini (シトロイド・ミニ)
XYZ 23
It's a smaller more portable version of Citroid. Its eyes are a projector that can display holographic visuals.
thumbnail Battle Pulse Meter
Battle Pulse Measuring Instrument (バトルパルス測定器)
XYZ 23
It collects data on things like brain waves and heart rate during battle. The instrument recorded when and where Gekkouga transformed and how Satoshi reacted when it happened.
thumbnail Jamming Unit 1
Jamming Mark I (ジャミン1号)
XYZ 46
After the events of the Prism Tower, Citron made a nice device that will obstruct any electromagnetic waves that are being used to control people or Pokémon.
thumbnail Massage Squish-Squish-kun Mark I XYZ 14 - PokéTV - Pokémon Unbelievable
This perfectly replicates Eureka's squishing.
thumbnail Amazing, Serena! Pofflé Producer Mark I XYZ 31 - PokéTV - Pokémon Twenty Four Hours
It automatically makes Pofflés if you pur the ingredents into it. It can replicate Serena's Pofflés perfectly.
PokéMotion Capture (ポケモーションキャプチャー)
PM2019 103
It was able to analyze the movements of a Pokémon to see what the problem is by getting an internal heat map. It was able to help Citron figure out that Meteor Assault required time for the power to be concentrated in Negigaknight's chest.

Miscellaneous Information

A lemon flavored Vodka called Absolut Citron is produced and bottled in Åhus, Sweden. It is 80 proof and is created with fine Swedish winter wheat and pristine well water. It is said to be Clemont and Meyer (Blaziken Mask)'s favorite drink.
Owned Pokémon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Clembot
  • Japan シトロイド
  • Japan Citroid
  • Japan Citroid
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Clemont's Bunnelby
  • Japan シトロンのホルビー
  • Japan Citron no Horubee
  • Japan Citron's Horubee
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Clemont's Chespin
  • Japan シトロンのハリマロン
  • Japan Citron no Harimaron
  • Japan Citron's Harimaron
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Clemont's Dedenne
  • Japan シトロンのデデンネ
  • Japan Citron no Dedenne
  • Japan Citron's Dedenne
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Clemont's Diggersby
  • Japan シトロンのホルード
  • Japan Citron no Horudo
  • Japan Citron's Horudo
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Clemont's Heliolisk
  • Japan シトロンのエレザード
  • Japan Citron no Elezard
  • Japan Citron's Elezard
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Clemont's Luxio
  • Japan シトロンのルクシオ
  • Japan Citron no Luxio
  • Japan Citron's Luxio
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Clemont's Luxray
  • Japan シトロンのレントラー
  • Japan Citron no Rentorar
  • Japan Citron's Rentorar
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Clemont's Magnemite
  • Japan シトロンのコイル
  • Japan Citron no Coil
  • Japan Citron's Coil
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Clemont's Magneton
  • Japan シトロンのレアコイル
  • Japan Citron no Rarecoil
  • Japan Citron's Rarecoil
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Clemont's Shinx
  • Japan シトロンのコリンク
  • Japan Citron no Kolink
  • Japan Citron's Kolink
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