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Meyer (Blaziken Mask)


Character Names / Voice Actors:
Known As:
  • Flag Meyer (Blaziken Mask)
  • Flag リモーネ (バシャーモ仮面)
  • Flag Limone (Burshamo Mask)
Voiced By:
Limone is the father of Clemont and Bonnie. He lives in Lumiose City where he runs an electric appliance store in this city together with Denryu. He seems to know a lot about electric devices and Electric Pokémon.

He's told Clemont many times that being strict to challengers as a Gym Leader is fine but strictness alone won't make them become good Trainers. He's told his son that as the Gym Leader of the Lumiose City Gym, he is the pride of their city.

Initially, little was known about this masked person that dresses up like Burshamo, but he does try to help the citizens of Lumiose City. Blaziken Mask tries to keep his identity unknown to the general population and often goes out at night like a super hero to help our around the city.
Owned Pokémon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Limone's Ampharos
  • Japan リモーネのデンリュウ
  • Japan Limone no Denryu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Meyer (Blaziken Mask)'s Blaziken
  • Japan バシャーモ仮面のバシャーモ
  • Japan Burshamo Mask no Burshamo
Series Title
XY 2 Lumiose City Pursuit!メガシンカとプリズムタワー!Mega Evolution and the Prism Tower!
XY 9 Clemont's Got a Secret!ミアレジム攻略!シトロンの秘密!!Retake the Miare Gym! Citron's Secret!!
XY 10 Mega-Mega Meowth Madness!ハリマロンVSメガメガニャース!!Harimaron VS Mega Mega Nyarth!!
XY 48 A Campus Reunion!シトロン、想い出のキャンパス!電撃の再会!!Citron's Campus of Memories! An Electrifying Reunion!!
XY 66 Confronting the Darkness!ミアレシティ走査線!シトロイド対ブラック・シトロイド!!Criminal Investigation in Miare City! Citroid VS Black Citroid!!
XY 67 The Moment of Lumiose Truth!ミアレジム戦!サトシVSシトロン!!Miare Gym Match! Satoshi VS Citron!!
XY 68 Garchomp’s Mega Bond!狙われたメガシンカ!ガブリアスの絆!!Mega Evolution is Being Targeted! The Bond with Gablias!!
XYZ 36 Kalos League Passion With a Certain Flare!激闘カロスリーグ!集え、すべての熱き想いよ!!Fierce Fighting at the Kalos League! Gather, All of My Passion!!
XYZ 38 Down to the Fiery Finishカロスリーグ優勝!サトシ頂上決戦!!Kalos League Victory! Satoshi's Ultimate Match!!
XYZ 39 A Towering Takeover!襲撃フレア団!プリズムタワーのジガルデ!!The Flare Gang Attacks! The Zygarde at the Prism Tower!!
XYZ 40 Coming Apart at the Dreams!衝撃ジガルデ対ジガルデ!壊れゆく世界!!The Shocking Zygarde VS Zygarde! The Breaking World!!
XYZ 41 The Right Hero for the Right Job突撃ミアレジム!シトロイドよ永遠に!!Attack on Miare Gym! The Citroid Forever!!
XYZ 42 Rocking Kalos Defenses!進撃する巨石!カロス防衛線!!The Megalith Advances! Kalos' Defense Line!!
XYZ 44 Battling With A Clean Slate!はじまりはゼロ!シトロンの決断!We Start at Zero! Citron's Decision!
XYZ 45 The First Day of the Rest of Your Life!サトシとラストバトル!セレナの選択!!One Last Battle with Satoshi! Serena's Choice!!
XYZ 47 Till We Compete Again!終わりなきゼロ!また逢う日まで!!A Zero With No End! Till the Day we Meet Again!!