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Carl's Hawlucha
English Carl's Hawlucha
Japanese カールのルチャブル
Japanese (Romanized) Carl no Luchabull
Carl's Hawlucha is member of the Super Pokémon Battle troupe. It is part of the troupe that provides entertainment far beyond that of Pokémon battles as its the ultimate show, born out of an unprecedented fusion of Pokémon battles and drama. In the show it tries to Bulu as the story involves a bad guy named "Dark" and a hero called "Shining" settling a matter through a Pokémon battle.

Luchablu used to be the Champion of a tournament in the Kalos region where Fighting Pokémon compete against each other and Carl was its cornerman. Carl accidentally caused it to hurt its knee at a tournament and it can't be involved in serious battles any more. Carl decided to come up with Super Pokémon Battles as a way for Dark Lucha to put on great shows and shine in them like never before.

Carl's Hawlucha came to respect Ash's Hawlucha after it took the place of Carl's Gallade in the show temporarily while it was injured. The two initially didn't get along because Ash's Hawlucha was using real moves instead of acting but after some training and rehearsing, the two worked together to stop Rocket Gang from ruining the show.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Karate Chop Fighting XY 51 Attack used as part of the act.
Episodes (1)

When Dark and Light Collide!ルチャブルとダークルチャブル! Luchabull and Dark Luchabull!

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