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Character Names
  • English / United States: Ash's Hawlucha
  • Japanese / Japan: サトシのルチャブル
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Satoshi no Luchabull
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Satoshi's Luchabull
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Ash's Hawlucha was revealed in a Movie 17 merchandise catalog and was then featured in the 2nd opening and 2nd ending of the XY anime in Japan. Ash's Hawlucha just popped up in the forest near the Shala Gym and many of the Pokémon take pride in their martial arts within the forest. Keaton believed that it just came to the forest to test his skills. One after another, Luchabull defeated the veteran Pokémon of the forest and was then referred to as the forest champion. Until the day Ash Ketchum arrived, it was of great help in the forest because he took down roughnecks who bullied meek Pokémon.

Ash Ketchum took an immediate liking to Luchabull but it had a problem with its Flying Press. He has his own individual flair and likes to show it off, even if it means failure. Ash Ketchum decided to help it train and he thought of a good way for it to show off its flair without giving opponents a chance to escape. He told it to first, jump high and strike that favorite pose where it stretches its arms out. From that point on it needed to immediately start spinning and take a nose dive toward the opponent's chest. It helped significantly and proved to be a powerful finishing move.

After a double knock-out battle with Ash's Froakie, Luchabull still wanted to go with Ash Ketchum and he got it and began their travels together.

Gym Battle VS Corni

Korrina's Mienfoo was the first Pokémon to face Ash Ketchum in his gym battle against Korrina. It was matched up against Ash's Hawlucha. Kojofu's movements were so precise that initially the rhythm dancing battling technique did not work very well against it. When Ash Ketchum finally realized that the rhythm strategy worked because it was Tierno who was using it and switched to their own rhythm that the battle changed. Ash's Hawlucha was able to battle back and defeat Korrina's Mienfoo.

Korrina's Lucario was her last Pokémon and Ash's Hawlucha was sent out to face the Mega Lucario after it defeated Ash's Fletchinder. Ash's Hawlucha was already hurting from its previous battle but managed to help damage Mega Lucario before it was defeated and Ash's Pikachu was sent out to fight it.

Gym Battle VS Valerie

In the final match up, Ash's Hawlucha was sent out to face a weakened Spritzee. Once again Trick Room dominated the match-up but Ash's Hawlucha had learned a new move, X-Scissor which was able to shatter Trick Room and its effects on the playing field. Valerie was surprised and it wasn't much later that Ash's Hawlucha took over the match and knocked out Valerie's Spritzee with a powerful High Jump Kick.

Battle VS Sawyer's Slurpuff

The day after the gym match against Valerie, it faced Sawyer's Slurpuff in a battle. Sawyer's Slurpuff had Electro Ball prepared for dealing with Flying types but Ash's Hawlucha dodged the attack and while Sawyer was trying to figure out what to do next, Ash's Hawlucha knocked out Sawyer's Slurpuff with Flying Press. A quick and easy battle for Ash's Hawlucha.

Kalos League Finals

The second opponent Alain's Weavile faced in the finals was Ash's Hawlucha who was out for revenge after Ash's Noivern was knocked out plus it had a move type advantage as Fighting type moves are super effective against Weavile. Weavile tried to turn the match around by freezing the stream on the battlefield but it backfired as Hawlucha used it to its advantage and then went on the offensive and finished off Weavile with a Flying Press.
Known Moveset
Karate Chop Type
First Seen: XY 35
It likes to joint move link Karate Chop and Hi Jump Kick
High Jump Kick Type
First Seen: XY 35
It likes to joint move link Karate Chop and Hi Jump Kick
Flying Press Type
First Seen: XY 35
Its signature finishing move
X-Scissor Type
First Seen: XY 74
Broke Trick Room with the move during the battle against Valerie's Spritzee.
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