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Paul's Azumarill
English Paul's Azumarill
Japanese シンジのマリルリ
Japanese (Romanized) Shinji no Marilli
It's not made clear exactly when Paul caught his Azumarill, or even if he caught it in that form, but Ash and his friends first see it during Paul's battle with Roark, the Gym Leader of Oreburgh City. Azumarill is first Pokémon Paul sends out in this battle, to counter Roark's Geodude, but Geodude's Hidden Power managed to deflect Azumarill's Hydro Pump, and its following Rollout attack knocked Paul's Pokémon out in one hit before it could get off another attack. Later that day, Paul gave Azumarill to a kid at the Pokémon Center, saying it was a lost cause.
Episodes (2)

Shapes of Things to Come!
Kurogane Gym! Hyōta vs Shinji!!
Big Charge of Ancient Pokémon!
Wild in the Streets

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