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Carrie's Sableye
English Carrie's Sableye
Japanese キャリのヤミラミ
Japanese (Romanized) Carrie no Yamirami
Carrie's Sableye was sent out to attack Ash after Carrie was shocked of his arrival so soon after Professor Sycamore's. She commanded it to use Power Gem on them, to which they evaded. It was then used alongside Carrie's Sigilyph in a double battle against Ash's Frogadier and Pikachu, where it took damage from Froagadier's Water Pulse, however it fought back using Shadow Claw which dealt damage to Frogadier. After Carrie's Sigilyph was deafeated and recalled, it was then told to use Power Gem, however Frogadier cancelled it out with Water Pulse. It was eventually defeated by Frogadier's Aerial Ace.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Power Gem Rock XY 92 Was used against Ash.
Shadow Claw Ghost XY 92 Was used against Ash's Frogadier in battle.
Episodes (1)

Cloudy Fate, Bright Future! カロスの危機!巨大日時計の戦い!!A Kalos Crisis! Battle of the Giant Sundial!!

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