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Ida's Brionne

Character Names
  • English / United States: Ida's Brionne
  • Japanese / Japan: イアのオシャマリ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: I'a no Osyamari
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: I'a's Osyamari
Voice Actors
Ida's Brionne travels with the Seafolk people and does shows with Ida to support them as Kanoa hasn't found any significant treasures. They heard of a storm that sunk a ship long ago near Melemele Island and they managed to find the ship but were unable to recover the cargo because a Dhelmise was guarding it.

Brionne spent some time with Lana's Popplio to help it train to get stronger so it could properly use the Z-Move Hydro Vortex. Ida's Brionne got to tired out trying to fight off Dadarin and Lana's Popplio training proved successful as it was able to use the move to save everyone on the boat from drowning in the whirlpool created by Dhelmise.

Ida's Primarina is the evolved form of Ida's Brionne. Ida kept the evolution a secret from Lana because she wanted to surprise her on their next visit when they showed up on Poni Island.
Known Moveset
Aqua Jet Type
First Seen: SM 40
Tried to fend off Dadarin when it attacked their boat.
Hydro Vortex Type
First Seen: SM 40
Attempted to counter Dadarin's attack but it got too tired.