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  • Flag Dozer
  • Flag ゲンバ
  • Flag Genba
  • Flag Genba
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Dozer is a Great Class competitor in the World Coronation Series who challenged Ash Ketchum to a battle at the Rock Tunnel entrance in the Kanto region. He was very impressed with Ash's Farfetch'd muscles and how it was able to break up rocks with its leak.

He and his Gurdurr have worked hard to build up their frames into tip-top shape, which makes them as trained-up as they could get. Despite their training, he lost the battle to Ash Ketchum after Ash's Farfetch'd broke through the girder. Ash Ketchum ranking went up from 415 to 381 as a result of winning the battle.
Owned Pokémon
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  • United States Dozer's Gurdurr
  • Japan ゲンバのドテッコツ
  • Japan Genba no Dotekkotsu
  • Japan Genba's Dotekkotsu