Main Picture
Berry's Bidoof
English Berry's Bidoof
Japanese ベリーのビッパ
Japanese (Romanized) Berry no Bippa
Berry's Bidoof works at a lumber mill in the Kalos region near Miare City. Doctor White went to visit Berry with Jessie to check on Berry's Bidoof after a Pokémon Hunter had set up a trap and it was caught but managed to escape by crushing the iron bars with the teeth it's so proud of. He diagnosed it with swollen gums and treated it.

None of its moves were revealed in the episode.
Episodes (1)

A Fork in the Road! A Parting of the Ways!迷い道は分かれ道!?ムサシとソーナンス!!Being Lost and Torn is the Road to Separation!? Musashi and Sonansu!!

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