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Move Details

Continental Crush Introduced in Generation 7


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Types Move Type Damage Class Physical
PP 1
Power -
Accuracy -


Language Local Name
Chinese (Cantonese Hong Kong) 毀天滅地巨岩墜
Chinese (Mandarin Taiwan) 毁天灭地巨岩坠
English Continental Crush
French Apocalypse Gigalithique
German Apokalyptische Steinpresse
Italian Gigamacigno Polverizzante
Japanese ワールズエンドフォール
Korean 월즈엔드폴
Spanish Aplastamiento Gigalítico

Damage Done

Bug Dark Dragon Electric Fairy Fighting Fire Flying Ghost Grass Ground Ice Normal Poison Psychic Rock Steel Water
2x 0.5x 2x 2x 0.5x 2x 0.5x

Pokémon List

By Level Up

By Breeding

By Machine

Pokémon Anime Characters

Thumbnail Gladion's Lycanroc (Midnight Form) SM 27 Sent Rocket Gang blasting off with this Z-Move.
Thumbnail Olivia's Lycanroc SM 36 Completely missed hitting Ash's Pokémon and wiped out Stealth Rock's large rocks on the battlefield.
Thumbnail Ash's Lycanroc (Dusk Form) SM 38 Failed the first time it tried to use it.