Character Information:

Olivia's Lycanroc


Character Names / Voice Actors:
Known As:
  • Flag Olivia's Lycanroc (Midday Form)
  • Flag ライチのルガルガン
  • Flag Lychee no Lugarugan
  • Flag Lychee's Lugarugan
Olivia's Lycanroc is her main Pokémon and it seems to stay out of its Poké Ball quite often. It quickly became friends with Ash's Rockruff and the two of them were seen curled up together on the deck of the boat sleeping. Olivia's Lycanroc was able to help save a trapped Wailer by smashing the surrounding rocks that it had got stuck in.

Olivia's Probopass and Olivia's Lycanroc battled against Ash's Rockruff and Ash's Rowlet during the Grand Trial for Ash Ketchum at the Ruins of Life on Akala Island. Probopass provided mostly support for Olivia's Lycanroc which did most of the attacks during the battle. It got knocked out when Ash's Rockruff avoided the Rock Slide attack and jumped on the rocks to get a good attack position to use Rock Throw.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Rock Slide Type SM 31 It stopped Bruxish from using its Psychic powers.
Continental Crush Type SM 36 Completely missed hitting Ash's Pokémon and wiped out Stealth Rock's large rocks on the battlefield.
Accelerock Type SM 36 Jumped on the Probopass' Mini-Noses' to get into the air before using the attack.
Double Team Type SM 103 Duplicated itself to make it harder to determine which was the real thing.
Drill Run Type SM 103 Sudowoodo was able to throw off Lycanroc's Drill Run.