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寵物小精靈水都的守護神拉帝亞斯和拉帝歐斯 / 閃閃星空下的露營

  • Pocket Monsters: Pocket Monster Heroes / Camp Pikachu
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Audio Tracks:   Japanese Chinese (Cantonese Hong Kong)
Publisher:  寰宇
Catalog #:  
Release Date:  2005-01-05
Aspect Ratio:  16:9
Region Code:  
Video Format:  NTSC
Storage Medium:  DVD5
Closed Captions?:  Yes
Rental Only?:  No


Pocket Monsters: Pocket Monster Heroes

  In a magical water city of canals and mazes, Ash, Pikachu and the rest of the gang face off against a slick pair of thieves who plan to steal an awesome and dangerous jewel guarded by Latios and Latias. To save the city from total destruction, our heroes must defeat the evil duo and overcome impossible obstacles. Let's Join all your favourite characters on the greatest Pokemon adventure ever!

Pocket Monsters: Camp Pikachu
  The Pichu Brothers are taking a trip on a train back to their hometown when they fall off and get lost in the woods they were riding through. Meeting Wynaut, as well as Volbeat and Duskull along the way, can Pikachu must go rescure his friends?


Episode List
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  •   The Guardian Gods of the Water Capital Latias and Latios
  •   水の都の護神 ラティアスとラティオス
  •   Pokémon Heroes
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  •   Pikapika Starry Sky Camp
  •   ピカピカ星空キャンプ
  •   Camp Pikachu