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15 Oct 2009 03:00 AM
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New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: サトシとヒカリ!タッグバトル!!/Satoshi to Hikari! Tag Battle!!/Bagged Then Tagged!. Please comment below! Thanks, your friendly PM.Net AnimeBot
15 Oct 2009 06:48 AM
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Fun episode. Was good to see Satoshi and Hikari win for the first time in months. It was starting to getting annoying.
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19 Oct 2009 11:05 PM
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I enjoyed the ending Mach Punch by Moukazaru quite a bit xD Aside from that, though, it was a pretty good match. Looking forward to the Ginga-dan special coming up, seems like it`s going to be pretty good.
29 Oct 2009 09:27 AM
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Epic Mach Punch!
Light Screen fools Satoshi again!