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01 Oct 2018 04:38 AM
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New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: ゴーストポケモン大集合!みんなのお化け屋敷!! / Ghost Pokémon daishūgō! Minna no obakeyashi!! / Ghost Pokémon Everywhere! Everyone's Haunted House!!. Please comment below!
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20 Oct 2018 03:10 PM
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Satoshi and the others have decided to make a haunted house for Suiren's sisters Ho and Sui. However, Ghost Pokémon show up and end up taking them to a mysterious world...

Suiren's sisters Ho and Sui suddenly said they wanted to visit a haunted house. However, there doesn't really seem to be any in the Alola region, so everyone decides to make one at the Pokémon School. But then a group of Ghost Pokémon appear out of nowhere and end up taking everyone to a mysterious world. Satoshi and the others from the Pokémon School end up getting separaated from each other in this world. Will they be able to return to the world they came from?!

Voice Cast:
Rica Matsumoto: Satoshi
Ikue Ohtani: Pikachu
Daisuke Namikawa: Rotom
Kei Shindo: Lilie
Kaito Ishikawa: Kaki
Reina Ueda: Mao
Hitomi Kikuchi: Suiren
Fumiko Takekuma: Māmane
Keiichi Nakagawa: Professor Kukui
Kenyu Horiuchi: Principal Okido
Mika Kanai: Togedemaru
Rikako Aikawa: Ashimari
Chika Fujimura: Amajo
Kenta Miyake: Ghos
Sachi Kokuryu: Mumage
Ryota Iwasaki: Ghost
Wakana Kingyo: Eievui
Azu Sakura: Bokurei
Sumire Morohoshi: Acerola