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02 Apr 2022 01:48 AM
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New episode titles have been added to the database! Titles: 記念すべき初回放送のゲストは、Snow Man深澤辰哉くん! / M-1ファイナリスト・東京ホテイソンの新ネタ! / 何もないところからポケモンを生み出す男!?と、ロッチ中岡も興味津々!/The Guest of this Milestone First Episode is Tatsuya Fukazawa-kun from Snow Man! / M-1 Finalists Tokyo Hoteison's New Skit! / Even Nakaoka from Lotti Takes an Interest in the Man that Can Create Pokémon from Nothing! Please feel free to comment below! Thanks, your friendly PM.Net AnimeBot!
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02 Apr 2022 01:48 AM
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The current hotness that is Snow Man is here! Pikachu and Fukazawa-kun's playfulness will make you squeal in delight! We also get M-1 finalists Tokyo Hoteison's new skit! They challenge Abareru-kun with Pokémon manzai!!

"Pokémon to doko iku?!" will be traveling the world with Pokémon in the Dokoikoccar. The guest of this milestone first episode is Tatsuya Fukazawa-kun from Snow Man! Nobody is his equal when you let him talk about how much he loves Pokémon?! We get M-1 finalists Tokyo Hoteison's new skit! What is "Riddle Pokémon Manzai"?! And even Nakaoka from Lotti takes an interest in the man that can create Pokémon from nothing! The new Pokémon show that's fun no matter how much of a Pokébeginner you are is finally here! Don't miss it!

Ryogo Matsumaru
Hikaru Takahashi
Shoko Nakagawa (voice of Koccar)
Guests: Tatsuya Fukazawa (from Snow Man), Soichi Nakaoka (from Lotti), Takeru (from Tokyo Hoteison), Shogo (from Tokyo Hoteison) and Shimpei Kaneko
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