Details on "Sword/Shield Chapter" of Pocket Monsters Anime Revealed

On October 23rd, 2020, the Pokémon anime will begin its "Sword/Shield Chapter", which will explore the legends and secrets of the Galar region! A new key visual has been released

A new key visual has been unveiled for the popular anime "Pocket Monsters", which air every Sunday, in order to mark its move to a Friday evening timeslot. The new key visual depicts the legendary Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta that appear in the video game "Pocket Monsters Sword/Shield."

It was also announced that the "Sword/Shield Chapter", which will see Satoshi and Go explore the legends and secrets of the Galar region, will begin on Friday October 23rd and run for 4 weeks. We will now present a synopsis and selection of screenshots from this Sword/Shield Chapter. Make sure not to miss these story developments, which are unique to the anime?!

Sword/Shield Chapter synopsis
Pokémon that has grown gigantic are running wild?!
Satoshi and Go head to the Galar region in order to investigate an incident that has taken place there. And when they arrive, they see groups of Pokémon that have grown gigantic running wild! To resolve this crisis, Satoshi joins up with Dande, the Greatest of Them All, while Go tries solving the mystery alongside Sonia, who aims to become a Pokémon Professor. An organization that intends to bring back the Black Night, the disaster that struck the Galar region in the distant past, are working behind the scenes of this incident!
When all the mysteries are unraveled, the horrific howl of the disaster's return can be felt!
And as all of Galar becomes a site of chaos, two heroes wake from a long sleep.

We were also given details on an extravagant giveaway program taking place during the show for these four weeks, as well as on the participants of an online talk event that would take place over the same period:

The first new key visual has been unveiled! Extravagant voice actors and special guests will appear during an online "Pocket Monsters" talk event for 4 weeks straight!

It has been decided that the TV Tokyo anime "Pocket Monsters" will be moving to Fridays at 6:55pm starting Friday October 9th! A new key visual has been unveiled to mark this move to "Golden Friday". It has also been decided to hold an extravagant giveaway program during the show for these four weeks, as well as to give details on the participants of an online talk event that would take place over the same period!

The new key visual depicts Thunder and Suicune, as well as the legendary Pokémon that appear in the latest video games, "Pocket Monsters Sword/Shield". and hints towards upcoming story elements. In addition, the "Sword/Shield Chapter", which will see Satoshi and Go explore the legends and secrets of the Galar region, will begin on Friday October 23rd and run for 4 weeks! Believe it or not, the Lucario and Aceburn you can see on the key visual are actually...?! Make sure to pay attention to this story arc, which you just can't miss out on watching as it airs!

In addition, details on the first ever 4 week long online live talk event in Pokemon anime history have been made public as well! It's going to feature extravagant voice actors that provide the voices of popular characters that have become the talk of the town thanks to their appearances in the Pocket Monsters anime, starting with Satoshi's voice actor Rica Matsumoto and Koharu's voice actor Kana Hanazawa, but also including Kibana's voice actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Saito's voice actor Yoko Hikasa, and more! We've also prepared all kinds of segments,including a "lines I want the characters to say" segment the voice actors will try their hands on that will also feature members of the production staff like executive director Daiki Tomiyasu and sound director Masafumi Mima, comment videos from secret guests, and a riddle segment with Ryogo Matsumaru. In addition, during the 3rd and 4th installment, you'll get to enjoy exclusive commentary from the voice actors and production staff as the episodes air! Please make sure to follow this audience participation live talk that will also include an extravagant giveaway program! The event will be streamed live on the show's official Twitter and the official Pokémon Youtube channel.


Installment 1: Friday September 25th at 6:55pm-7:25pm - featuring Tatsuhisa Suzuki (voice of Kibana), Shoko Nakagawa and Abareru-kun
Installment 2: Friday October 2nd at 6:55pm-7:25pm - featuring Rica Matsumoto (voice of Satoshi), Yoko Hikasa (voice of Saito) and Noriaki Kanze (voice of Renji and Otosupus)
Installment 3: Friday October 9th at 6:55pm-7:45pm - featuring Rica Matsumoto (voice of Satoshi), Kana Hanazawa (voice of Koharu), Ryogo Matsumaru and Daiki Tomiyasu
Installment 4: Friday October 16th at 6:55pm-7:45pm - featuring Megumi Hayashibara (voice of Musashi), Inuko Inuyama (voice of Nyarth), Yuji Ueda (voice of Sonansu) and Masafumi Mima

Source: https://www.famitsu.com/news/202009/20206199.html

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