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Nintendo of Korea has revealed that they will be releasing special Pokémon X and Y 2DS on December 7th, 2013. The WHITE X RED Nintendo 2DS Pokémon X Package (WHITE×RED 색상의 닌텐도 2DS 포켓몬스터 X 패키지) and the BLACK X BLUE Pokémon Nintendo 2DS Y Package (BLACK×BLUE 색상의 닌텐도 2DS 포켓몬스터 Y 패키지) will sell for 160,000 won each.

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Source: http://www.cnet.co.kr/view/28156


The official Korean Pokémon website also revealed that Pokémon THE ORIGIN (포켓몬스터 THE ORIGIN) will air in Korea in December of 2013. The airing dates have yet to be revealed but a website for the special is available that has an Introduction, Story, Cast, Characters and a Gallery.


Source: http://pokemonkorea.co.kr/special_site/origin/main.asp

Nymphia (님피아) Distribution

For those that pre-order tickets for the 16th Pocket Monsters movie in theaters in Korea, patrons will have the opportunity to get a level 10 Nymphia (님피아) for their copy of Pokémon X and Y. The OT is Eevee House (이브이하우스), its Ability is Cute Charm and it knows the moves, Disarming Voice and Baby-Doll Eyes. Further details about the Nymphia will be revealed on November 28th, 2013.


Source: http://movie.pokemonkorea.co.kr/M16/present.asp
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