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A new planetarium special based on the Pocket Monsters XY anime series has been announced. It is titled Pocket Monsters XY: Sky Fragments (ポケットモンスター XY 宇宙の破片 (そらのはへん) and will be shown in the Konica Minolta Planetarium from July 19th to September 7th, 2014.


Inside-gamer reports:

This summer, the Konica Minolta Planetarium will show a planetarium movie based on the popular TV anime series "Pocket Monsters XY", titled "Pocket Monsters XY: Sky Fragments". This is an all-new story written specifically for the planetarium medium, and is animated as a fulldome video intended to be projected onto the entire 360 degree dome.

The movie will be premiere this July in both Konica Minolta Planetarium "Tenku" in Tokyo Sky Tree Town, Sumida, Tokyo and Konica Minolta Planetarium "Manten" in Sunshine City, Toshima, Tokyo.

Story Summary

Satoshi and friends are visiting PAXA, the "Pokemon Aerospace eXploration Agency". PAXA is an agency that works towards researching and utilizing space in a variety of ways. The group excitedly listens to a female PAXA astronaut telling them about the wonders of the space and the possibility of Pokémon living there. However, just as she is in the middle of telling them about the menace of space debris; how the problems arising from junk floating freely around out in space is becoming more and more serious, a siren suddenly starts ringing! The Rocket Gang have snuck into the facility in an attempt to take control of PAXA. The situation suddenly gets serious!

In the middle of all this, trouble suddenly occurs in the satellite control system! If this causes the satellite to crash into a piece of space debris, it will just create even more debris...

If space debris keeps continuing to fill the sky more than it already has, humanity will eventually be block off their way into space permanently...

How does Satoshi and friends react to this crisis...!? There are countless threats out there in space, ever piling up! Join up with your friends and work together to open the way to the future!

Story Summary (Japanese) - あらすじ

PAXA(Pokémon Aerospace eXploration Agency)に訪れたサトシたち。 ここは宇宙の研究・開発を行う機関として、日々さまざまな活動を行っている。 PAXAに所属する宇宙飛行士のおねえさんから、宇宙の素晴らしさ、宇宙に存在するポケモンたちの可能性の話を聞き、サトシたちは心を躍らせる。一方で、その宇宙がスペースデブリの脅威、深刻化する宇宙ごみ問題によって危機的状況にあるという話を聞いていると、突然サイレンが鳴り響いた!なんと、PAXA強奪を企てたロケット団が、この施設内に潜入したようだ!一気に緊張が走る!

そんな緊急事態の中、人工衛星の制御システムにトラブルが発生! このままでは大型デブリと衝突し、更にスペースデブリが増えてしまう恐れが…


この危機に直面したサトシ達が取った行動は…!? 宇宙を埋め尽くす無数の脅威!仲間と力を合わせ、キズナで未来を切り拓け!

Source: http://www.inside-games.jp/article/2014/04/15/76018.html
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