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The Associated Press interviewed The Pokémon Company International's Spokesman Rob Novickas who revealed that the tournament has given out over two million dollars in scholarships since 2004. Thousands of Pokémon Trading Card and Video Game fans have flocked to Washington D.C. to battle it out for a chance at the invitation-only Pokémon World Championships.

The 2013 Juniors Video Game World Champion Brendan Zheng was interviewed and stated he was a bit nervous this time and was more prepared than he was at nationals as he build his team the day before for that tournament. He has spent two or three weeks building his team for worlds. 2013 Masters Video Game World Champion Arash Ommati was also interviewed briefly and he said he likes to work a lot and will do his best when the competition starts.

Associated Press Interview Video

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BYEd81dyvo
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