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The official anime website has updated its staff list with news on the new opening theme to premiere soon.

Opening Theme
"Mad-Paced Getter"(「ゲッタバンバン」)
Lyrics: Tomohisa Sako (佐香智久)
Composition: Tomoyuki Ogawa (小川智之)
Arrangement: Saku
Vocals: Tomohisa Sako (SME Records) (佐香智久(SMEレコーズ))

Personal comment
"I am extremely honored to be allowed to sing the OP to Pokémon, which I've loved since I was a child. I wanted this song to be one that conveys my support for both Satoshi and his friends on their adventure and for everyone who loves Pokémon.
I'll do my best to be just as passionate as any other Pokémon Trainer in the country! My dream is to become a Pokémon Master. Thank you all very much!"

This news was initially revealed on Tomohisa Sako's Christmas concert, then later on his personal Twitter, where it was also mentioned a sneak peak at the song would be shown during the Pokémon New Year's Special.

Sources: http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/pokemon_xy/staff/ and https://twitter.com/syounen_t_sako/
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