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During the January 14th, 2015 Nintendo Direct, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed the new Freemium game Pokémon Shuffle / PokéToru (ポケとる) for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is similar in style with Pokémon Trozei! as players are required to line up similar Pokémon in a puzzle game. As a Freemium game, players will be able to download and play the game for free but there are also options to purchase paid content that will help players progress through the game a little easier, such as items that aid in their battles. The game will be released in February of 2015.

Pokémon Shuffle Trailer

Press Release - Pokémon Shuffle

Pokémon Shuffle is a Pokémon game available soon for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. In Pokémon Shuffle, your goal is to clear various stages by lining up the same Pokémon and clearing these matches from the puzzle area. Within each puzzle stage, you can deal damage to the wild Pokémon you face by lining up three of the same Pokémon to clear them. Battle and try to catch the Pokémon before you run out of moves!

Each stage in Pokémon Shuffle provides you a limited number of opportunities in which to move your Pokémon around. There is no time limit, so you can take as long as you like to study the board. To clear each stage, you'll have to reduce the HP of the wild Pokémon you face to zero within a set number of moves. Use all the strategies and tactics available to you, and learn to read the board to spot future matches. Clearing Pokémon efficiently is the key to winning Pokémon Shuffle's many stages!

Pokémon all have a type of their own, and each has its strengths and weaknesses. Choosing a group of Pokémon that is right for each level is important. You'll also be able to raise the level of your Pokémon by using them multiple times, enabling them to deal more damage to foes. Collect many different Pokémon and raise them up so that you will be able to make your way through your battles against wild Pokémon with finesse.

Pokémon Shuffle also features Mega-Evolving Pokémon—when one of your Pokémon Mega Evolves, it can clear out a whole heap of Pokémon at once or cause other special effects!

Pokémon Shuffle is a download-only game and it can be downloaded at no cost to you. You'll be able to enjoy virtually all the features of Pokémon Shuffle without paying any money. There is a limit to how many stages you can play through without taking a break. This number will be replenished with time, but you can also purchase items in the game's shop that will enable you to continue playing immediately, if you choose.

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