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The official Japanese Pokémon website has revealed that to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the video games, Red and Green Nendoroid's (ねんどろいど レッド&グリーン) will be available for pre-order reservation starting February 27, 2016 until to March 31st, 2016. The 10cm Nendoroid set will cost 7500yen. The delivery date is July 9th, 2016. The set of two also includes a Mew figure as well. This marks the fourth Pokémon branded Nendoroid's to be released as the N Nendoroid, Red Nendoroid and Shirona Nendoroid have been released.


The Red and Green Nendoroid's includes:

Red figure parts: 2 Face Parts (表情パーツ2個), 5 arm parts (腕パーツ5個) and 2 leg parts (脚パーツ2個).
Green figure parts: 2 Face Parts (表情パーツ2個), 6 arm parts (腕パーツ6個) and 2 leg parts (脚パーツ2個).

Included Pokémon: Mew (ミュウ) - Has movable head, feet and tail so its pose can be changed.
Accessory Items: 2 x Monster Balls (モンスターボール) and 1 Backpack (リュック)