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A patch for Pokkén Tournament is now available. This patch was announced earlier in April but was finally pushed out today. The patch requires 14MB of space in order to download and install.

Pokkén Tournament Version 1.2 Patch Notes:

  • Correct the issue that enables Shadow Mewtwo to force opponents to continually block by using certain moves repeatedly
  • Adjust the battle balance of the Support Pokémon Reshiram
  • Repair several other bugs

Source: http://www.pokkentournament.com/en-us/article/?id=pokken-tournament-patch-news

Download and Play the Pokkén Tournament Demo!

Get a feel for the new Pokémon fighting game by downloading the demo version from Nintendo eShop.

Battle with Pokémon in a whole new way with Pokkén Tournament, now available for Wii U! If you’re excited to give Pokkén Tournament a try, you can download the demo version for free today from Nintendo eShop! You’ll only be allowed to play the demo a limited number of times.

Get the Pokkén Tournament demo version from Nintendo eShop now!

Source: http://www.pokkentournament.com/en-us/article/?id=pokken-tournament-demo-eshop
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