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The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations follow:

A Report from the Next Generation World Hobby Fair '18 Winter Tokyo Fair

The Next Generation World Hobby Fair '18 Winter is currently underway.
This is a status report from the Tokyo fair that took place in Makuhari Messe Saturday January 27th and Sunday January 28th!

The Pokémon Booth had lots of fun activities, including stage shows,
a section where you could try out the 3DS games "Pocket Monsters Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon", the ability to take photos with Pikachu, and more.
The "Let's Deliver Berries to the Hungry Kabigon!" section
had a game where you worked with Pikachu, Mokuroh, Nyabby and Ashimari to get "Berries" and place them in the basket Kabigon held.
Those of our friends that attempted this game were given an original shopping bag with the latest movie and anime TV series art printed on it!

In the "Defeat the Rainbow Rocket Gang!" section, you'd use the 3DS games "Pocket Monsters Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon"
to enjoy Pokémon battles where you'd use the Necrozma's new form "Ultra Necrozma".
Many of our friends got to experience the overwhelming power of Ultra Necrozma!

You could also take photos together with Pikachu in the "Real Alola Photo Club" section.
Pikachu looked really happy so many people took pictures it as well.

During the Pokémon stage show, those of our friends that came to the venue
got to compete for score in the 3DS games "Pocket Monsters Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon"'s "Mantain Surf",
have a Pokémon battle against Sakaki, the leader of the Rainbow Rocket Gang,
and get to try out the upcoming toy "PokéDel-Z" before anyone else!
The show also presented the latest news on the Nintendo 3DS game "Detective Pikachu", which is scheduled to be released Friday March 23rd.
At the end, everyone also got to take a photo with the "Detective Pikachu" Pikachu, who had come to visit the venue!

Some amazing guests then appeared on the stage!
Oha Suta Pokémon Club members Fire Tachibana, JP and Sendoff Entertainer Shinichi,
from the TV show "Oha Suta" that currently airs on the TV Tokyo Network,
truly livened up the stage show!
Hideaki Takatori, Aya Ikeda and Tatsuyuki Kobayashi
from the arcade game "Pokémon Ga-Olé" also came on
and sang the "Pokémon Ga-Olé" theme song.

During the "Pokénchi Presents a Special Pokémon Stage Show" that took place Sunday January 28th,
Hyadain, Abareru-kun and Rinka Otani from "Pokémon no Uchi Atsumaru?",
which currently airs on the TV Tokyo Network, appeared!
They and the audience watched the latest teaser trailer for the Pokémon movie that's going to premiere Friday July 13th this year together!

And, since Shokotan couldn't come to the venue, Chuei from Nagareboshi, dressed as Cosmog and calling himself Cosmochu, appeared in her stead,
and everyone attempted a "Poké-pun match with unison voices" together.
Everyone at the venue were divided into an Abareru-kun team and a Chuei team,
and competed against each other by shouting Poké-puns in unison, with the winner being the loudest team, a competition the Abareru-kun team won spectacularly!
The show also presented the latest news on the anime TV series "Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon",
which is undergoing new developments as per the episode airing Thursday February 8th.
And incredibly enough, the vocalist Taiiku Okazaki came onto the stage and sang both the ending theme "Pose"
and the new ending theme that will be used starting with the episode airing Thursday February 8th, "Brat Boy, Brat Girl".

The Next Generation World Hobby Fair was absolutely brimming with content.
After two days, the Tokyo fair closed with great success!

The Next Generation World Hobby Fair '18 Winter continues on, and is scheduled to be held at the following dates/venues!
Those of you in the area, make sure to go visit!

Sunday February 4th: Fukuoka Fair (Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome)
Sunday February 11th: Osaka Fair (Kyocera Dome Osaka)

Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/news/?p=3192
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