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The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations of the new entries follow:

Theater Event Information

The mythical Pokémon Zeraora arrives from the theater screen to your copy of Pocket Monsters Ultra Sun/Pocket Monsters Ultra Moon! Make sure you too bring your Nintendo 3DS to the movie theater and befriend the Zeraora that arrives from the screen!

Availability period: From Friday July 13th until that theater is done screening the Pokémon movie.
*Screening period varies depending on theater. Please contact your local theater for their schedule.
*Also note that even if the theater is still screening the movie, the availability period will end Sunday September 30th.

These are the Nintendo 3DS games you can be given "Zeraora" in!

The Nintendo 3DS games "Pocket Monsters Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon"

*Both the cartridge versions and the download versions can be used.
*You can not receive this giveaway in any other "Pocket Monsters" series game, like "Pocket Monsters Sun/Moon".

Check out the Zeraora we're giving out!!

Zeraora, the mythical Pokémon you can't encounter during normal gameplay!

Species: Thunderclap Pokémon
Type: Electric
Height: 1.5m
Weight: 44.5kg
Level: 50
Ability: Volt Absorb
Moves: Plasma Fists, Thunder Punch, Close Combat, Thunder
Ball: Precious Ball
Ribbon: Wish Ribbon
Held Item: Air Balloon
Owner's name: Fura City

Zeraora is a mythical Pokémon discovered in the world of "Pocket Monsters Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon"
that can't be met during normal gameplay.
Zeraora is able to move through the air at great speed thanks to the massive electric current it emits through the paw pads on both hands and both feet!
Not only is its speed is comparable to the speed of lightning and thus can't be followed by the naked eye, it is also said that the afterimages of the electricity it emits from its claws leave an imprint of its movements behind.
In addition, it is able to stockpile the external electric energy it takes in inside its body, then use this as its own energy!

Nullify damage with the Ability "Volt Absorb"!!

This Ability nullifies damage from Electric type moves and recovers one fourth of your HP. It's the perfect Ability for Zeraora, which is able to take energy into its body!

Pikachu uses Volt Tackle! This is a powerful move where the user rushes at the opponent covered in electricity, however...

Thanks to Volt Absorb's effect, Zeraora recovers HP without taking any damage!

"Plasma Fists", the move only Zeraora can learn!!

During the turn this move is used,
Normal type moves become Electric type!
Type: Electric Category: Physical

Zeraora uses Plasma Fists! It attacks with fists covered in electricity!

Plasma Fists causes a shower of electrons to pour down, and...

Normal type moves become Electric type!
Tekkaguya's "Explosion" has its move type changed as well, so Zeraora, which has the Ability "Volt Absorb", is able to recover HP instead of taking damage!

Zeraora also knows these moves:

Thunder Punch

Attacks the target with an electrified punch. This may also cause the paralysis condition.
Type: Electric Category: Physical

Close Combat

Even though it lowers the user's Defense and Sp. Def, this is a very powerful move where the user attacks the target up close without guarding itself.
Type: Fighting Category: Physical


An attack that drops a wicked thunderbolt on the target. This may also cause the paralysis condition.
Type: Electric Category: Special

How to receive Zeraora

You make sure to bring your Nintendo 3DS to the movie theater to receive Zeraora as well!

Important: Make sure to receive "Zeraora" during the intermission right before or after the movie screening, while sitting in your audience seat. Also, make sure to keep your Nintendo 3DS series game system closed while the movie is being screened in order to not bother other members of the audience.

*These instructions will use the term "Nintendo 3DS series system" as a generic name referring to the following models: New Nintendo 3DS, New 3DS LL, New 2DS LL, 3DS, 3DS LL and 2DS.

Advance preparation: Get ready to receive "Zeraora"!
What you need to bring when receiving it:
*A sufficiently charged Nintendo 3DS series system
(You can use any of the following: New Nintendo 3DS, New 3DS LL, New 2DS LL, 3DS, 3DS LL and 2DS)
*A copy of either of the Nintendo 3DS games "Pocket Monsters Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon"
(both the cart version and the download version can be used)
("Zeraora" can not be received in any other "Pocket Monsters" series game, like "Pocket Monsters Sun/Moon")

Make preparations in the game itself as well:
*Make sure you won't have the max amount of wonder cards.
*Make sure the wireless communication on your Nintendo 3DS system is turned "ON"

Step 1: Receive the "Wonder Card" in the theater
Turn on the Nintendo 3DS series system after making the game accessible, then start the game, choose "Mystery Gift" from the menu screen, and receive the "Wonder Card" by following these steps:
*Choose "Mystery Gift" from the menu that appears after the title screen and press A.
*On the next screen, select "Receive Gift" and press A.
*On the next screen, select "Receive via local communication" and press A. Then select "Yes" to confirm you want the communication to start and press A.
*Once you've selected the "Gift" to receive and pressed A, you'll finally start to receive it.
*Do not turn off the power or the communication while the gift is being received.
*You will see a confirmations screen once the gift has been received. At this point, the gift has automatically been saved, so you can safely turn the power off.

This is all you need to do in the theater itself!

Step 2: Receive "Zeraora" from the Pokémon Center!
Once you have received the "Wonder Card", you can receive "Zeraora" from the Pokémon Center in the game. Choose "Continue Play" from the title screen to resume your game, then follow these steps to receive it:
*After resuming the game, ensure there is an "empty" space among your Pokémon on hand.
*Enter a nearby Pokémon Center.
(Pokémon Centers are located in various spots throughout the game. It is estimated you will have to play for about an hour and a half until you can first visit one)
*Talk to the delivery person in orange clothes with the A button to receive "Zeraora".
*After confirming you now have Zeraora, make sure to save the game.

For those who have not started playing yet:
*When you first start playing "Pocket Monsters Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon", the "Mystery Gift" menu will not be avilable. Those of you playing for the first time will see a different title menu instead.
Choose a language from here and start the game, then play until the "Save" function becomes available to you and save the game.
Next, press the HOME button on your New Nintendo 3DS/New 3DS LL/New 2DS LL/3DS/3DS LL/2DS and end the game, then restart it and the standard title menu will display.

If you are unable to receive the gift, please check the following steps:

Step 1: If you are unable to receive the "Wonder Card"
If the game tells you you have too many gifts:
The game will tell you this if you have 48 "Wonder Cards". Please discard a "Wonder Card" to make room in your album, and you'll be able to receive "Gifts" again. If you don't have any "Wonder Cards" you can immediately discard, resume your adventure and receive any gifts you have yet to receive from the delivery person at the Pokémon Center. By doing this, you will be able to throw away "Wonder Cards".
How to discard "Wonder Cards":
*Select "View Album".
*Choose a card you don't need from your "Wonder Cards".
*Select "Discard card".
*You will be asked to confirm. Choose "Yes".

If the game tells you wireless communication is turned off:
If you have a New Nintendo 3DS/New 3DSLL/New 2DS LL/2DS, go to the "HOME menu settings" menu in the top left corner of the home menu, then to "Wireless Communication/NFC" from there, and activate it. If you have a Nintendo 3DS/3DSLL, set wireless communication to ON by sliding the wireless switch at the right hand side of the system marked WIRELESS.

Step 2: If you are unable to receive the Pokémon
If the delivery person tells you you have too many Pokémon on hand:
You will see this message if you talk to the delivery person in orange clothes when having 6 Pokémon on hand. In order to receive a giveaway Pokémon, ensure there is an "empty" space among your Pokémon on hand. Use the computer in the middle right side of the Pokémon Center to put one of your Pokémon on hand in one of the boxes in the computer. Then talk to the delivery person again, and you will be able to receive the Pokémon.

If you receive any other messages, please contact the Pokémon Customer Service Support Center. For contact information, click here.

Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/theater/
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