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The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations follow:

Theme Song


Theme song:
"Kaze to issho ni"
(Sony Music Records)
Vocals: Sachiko Kobayashi & Shoko Nakagawa

The ending theme song for "Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution", which premieres Friday July 12th, has been decided!
The super mighty team of Sachiko Kobayashi and Shoko Nakagawa as vocalists and Seiji Kameda as arranger will be handling "Kaze to issho ni".

"Kaze to issho ni", which was sung by Sachiko Kobayashi back in the monumental first Pokémon movie, "Pocket Monsters the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back",
is now being reborn as a collaboration with Shoko Nakagawa arranged by Seiji Kameda,
and will get released as a single on July 10th.

It's also been decided that we'll be sending out a call for applications for a "Pokémon Kids 2019" group that will sing "Kaze to issho ni" alongside Sachiko Kobayashi and Shoko Nakagawa.
Those selected for the group will participate in the recording of "Kaze to issho ni", and will also be able to participate in subsequent activities related to this movie and its music.


Sachiko Kobayashi:
It has been 21 years since I first encountered the wonderful song called "Kaze to issho ni".
Being able to once again depict the wonderful world of Pokémon with this song after all these years makes me feel very happy.
I put my whole heart into this song so that both the adults that heard this song as children and today's children will be filled with warm thoughts when they hear it.
It would make me very happy if everyone of all ages were to feel the same way they felt back then when they hear this song.

Shoko Nakagawa:
I encountered the Pokémon movies 21 years ago, back when I was a child. Even after becoming an adult, I've walked hand in hand with my memories of them.
This time, Pokémon has given me a "miracle far beyond my dreams" by having me reach both today's and future children through song!
I put a lot of affection into this song as I sang it together with the voice of Sachiko Kobayashi-san, whom I greatly admire.
And I'm really looking forward to singing this song that will be sung throughout the ages together with children that love Pokémon.

Sachiko Kobayashi & Shoko Nakagawa: "Kaze to issho ni"
Release date Wednesday July 10th 2019
Single Run Limited Edition
CD+DVD SRCL-11181 through 11183, price 2408 yen (not including tax)
*Surprise gifts
*Pokémon CD jacket

Time Limited Edition
CD only SRCL-11185, price 1389 yen (not including tax)
*Pokémon CD jacket (same design as the one included with the single run limited edition)

Standard Edition
CD only SRCL-11184, price 1204 yen (not including tax)

Sachiko Kobayashi

Born in Niigata City, Niigata December 5th 1953.
Made her debut in '64 at age 10 with the song "Usotsuki kamome".
Her '79 song "Omoide-sake" was a colossal hit, selling over 2 million copies.
It won numerous song awards, including the Japan Record Award for "best song".
That same year, she participated in NHK's "Kouhaku utagassen" for the first time. She has participated 34 times since then.
In 2006, she was awarded the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon and the Grand Prix at the 27th Matsuo Performing Arts Awards.
In '08 she won an award of excellence in the popular entertainment category at the 63rd Agency for Cultural Affairs National Arts Festival.
In '13, she was awarded the Niigata Prefecture Citizens’ Award of Honor from Niigata prefecture.
In '14, she held a 50th anniversary final concert at Nippon Budoukan.
In '15, she was awarded the Niigata Gratitude Prize from Niigata City.
In '15, she created the school song for Niigata Hiyoriyama Elementary School.
In '15, she got a special entry at NHK's "66th kouhaku utagassen". This performance involved the Internet, and became a huge news story.
In '17, she had a role in the anime movie "Kubo and the Two Strings".
In '18, she had a guest role in Atami Goro Ichiza's "Shinbashi Enbujo 5th Series Anniversary Performance".
In '19, she's commemorating her 55th year as an entertainer.
Her 55th anniversary song "Poker face ni sayonara" was released February 6th 2019.

She has experience in many fields, including theater, TV serials, voice acting and variety shows.
In recent years, she has also gained popularity among Internet users on Niconico Douga etc, as well as the younger generation.
She has been appointed Taiwan goodwill tourism ambassador, Niigata tourism ambassador and rice ambassador.

Shoko Nakagawa

Has experience in many fields, including as singer, actress, TV personality, voice actor and illustrator.
Her single "blue moon", which was release last November, got her her highest Oricon Daily ranking ever at 4th.
The "Shoko Nakagawa Birthday Live 2019 ~Dream Note~" will be held at Team Smile Toyosu PIT on May 5th this year.

She has represented Japan as Tokyo Olympics 2020 mascot judge, as well as as a special supporter for the 2025 World Expo, and her popularity is also rising abroad as she's participated in huge anime events held in Los Angeles in July last year and in New York in November last year, in addition to having made a successful concert tour in Asia some years ago and more.

She has been a voice actor in Pokémon movies for 12 years in a row, from 2007's "Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl the Movie: Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai" to 2018's "Pocket Monsters the Movie: Everyone's Story".

"Kokoro no antenna", her theme song for "Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl the Movie: Arceus - Towards the Continuum of Conquest", was released July 15th 2009.

"DreaDrea", her ending theme for the "Pocket Monsters XY" anime, was released February 18th 2015.
She's also a constant host on "Pokémon no uchi atsumaru?", which airs on the TV Tokyo Network.

Seiji Kameda

A music producer and bassist born in 1964.

Thus far he has assisted with production and arrangement for numerous artists, including Ringo Sheena, Ken Hirai, Spitz, GLAY, Ikimono-gakari, JUJU, Elephant Kashimashi, Sakurako Ohara, GLIM SPANKY, Sayaka Yamamoto, Sayuri Ishikawa, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and MISIA.

Alongside Ringo Sheena and other artists, he formed Tokyo Jihen in 2004, which dissolved on leap day 2012.
He won the arrangement award at the 49th Japan Record Award in 2007, then again at the 57th in 2015.
In recent years, his educational music E-TV series "Kameda ongaku senmon gakko", which explains the appeal of J-pop, has been very well received.

As chairman of the executive committee, he has also done all the production work for the free music festival "Hibiya Music Festival" that's going to be held again this year (June 1st and 2nd 2019).

Sources: https://www.pokemon-movie.jp/song/
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