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The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations follow:

Sachiko Kobayashi Descended to the Adult-Only Pre-Screening to Great Surprise!!

An adult-only pre-screening was held in Tokyo Monday July 8th.

Opportunities to buy tickets were available via lottery, and this time we got an incredible 10 times as many people signing up for it as there were tickets!
Some of the fans lucky enough to win could be seen crying from the point the movie started, presumably due to all the memories of their childhood that were coming at them.
It looked like especially many were holding handkerchiefs and tissues against their eyes as "Kaze to issho ni" played alongside the end credits, looking overcome by emotions.

And believe it or not, but on this day, guest voice actor and theme song performer Sachiko Kobayashi was actually watching the movie from the audience alongside the fans...!
When a surprise stage appearance by Sachiko Kobayashi was announced after the screening, she was pressing her hands against her eyes as she made her descent on the stage, saying "I was crying from the very beginning of the movie too..."!
The audience received her warmly and with thunderous applause.

When Kobayashi started singing Kaze to issho ni with the line "Aruki tsuzukete...", the audience could be heard quietly singing along as if they knew the lyrics by heart.
Sobbing voices could also be heard alongside them, the audience breaking out in tears of gratitude.

Sachiko Kobayashi's comment:
The first thing that came to mind as I watched this year's movie was how wonderful the visuals were. And just like when I watched the first movie, I couldn't stop crying when I saw the movie's bonds between Pokémon and Pokémon, and between Pokémon and humans, that depicted our world's "eternal theme": "The desire for a world without conflict".
There were people tearing up from the start of the second half all the way until the end credits...
Once again I feel how this movie, and its theme song, is filled with the memories of many many people.
Those of you who were children in 1998 grew up, became members of society and started working. I felt like your mother as I sang this song with all my heart, hoping to reach you.
When I was singing the song right now, there were people sitting right in front of me, crying... and I got worried I wouldn't be able to sing properly because I'd start crying along with them. (laughs)

"Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution" finally premieres Friday July 12th!!

Source: https://www.pokemon-movie.jp/news/?p=3776
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