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The official Pocket Monsters anime website has updated. Translations follow:

A Certain Pair of "Lovely Charmy Villains" Will be Appearing in the New Series as Well:

The Lovely Charmy Villains that are after Satoshi's Pikachu, the Rocket Gang,
will be appearing in the new series as well!
They'll be appearing in the different regions, chasing after Satoshi and Go on their adventures!
It seems the Rocket Gang's cherished mechs will be appearing as well!
Look forward to seeing what kinds of mechs these are once the anime starts!

The voice actors for Rocket Gang also provided the following commentaries on Twitter:

Voice actor comments:
Megumi Hayashibara, voice of Musashi:
"We'll be on cleaning duty in the corner, we'll occasionally get messed up and have our hair burned off while trying to get Pikachu, and Nyarth will even dress up as a Kimawari if necessary! I just really love that we Rocket Gang members got to butt our heads into this new "Pocket Monsters" world as well. (laughs)"
Shinichiro Miki, voice of Kojiro:
"We should ask for opinions on how you guys would like to see the Rocket Gang act in the future! (laughs) In this new series you'll get a Rocket Gang you'll love quoting over and over - we'll even disguise ourselves as the opposite sex sometimes. There's also going to be these really "fun" bits during our introduction, so I want you to pay attention to those as well."
Inuko Inuyama, voice of Nyarth:
"Since the Rocket Gang trio aren't characters from the video games, I believe they'll get more and more attention and active roles if you speak up and make it clear you want them to, so please, please make sure to keep supporting them! (laughs) Thank you in advance!"

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