Posted By: Sunain | Mar 27 2009 19:27:37
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picGamesRadar US also got the opportunity to interview Junichi Masuda and Takeshi Kawachimaru. Below are a few excerpts from the interview.

GamesRader: Are there any plans to make things like EVs and hunting shiny Pokemon with the Poke Radar more visible or easier to manage? At the moment they seem like very secret things that most players will miss unless they research them on the internet.

Masuda: As you know, each Pokemon already has statistics, natures and characteristic traits that we provide to the player that are essential to training. We are thinking of doing something along the lines of what you suggested, but there are many ideas floating around about how to approach it, so we can’t say for sure.

GamesRader: I imagine there are a lot of rejected Pokemon designs out there? Is there a warehouse of Pokemon somewhere that didn’t make the cut?

Masuda: (Laughs) Tons! The first requirement to create a Pokemon is that it has to be attractive, and when we say attractive, we mean the look and also “Is the character expandable?” If that Pokemon doesn’t have those traits, it’s difficult to put it into the game.

GamesRader: Has any serious consideration been given to bring a core game to a home console, in his case, the Wii?

Masuda: No, we are not thinking of going into development for the Wii because we feel the core idea of Pokemon, communicating and trading with friends and other trainers, is best represented by being able to go anywhere and bring the system with you. This core concept of Pokemon is tied very closely to the portable system.