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The Pokémon Card Game Sword & Shield Starter Set VSTAR Lucario and Pokémon Card Game Sword & Shield Starter Set VSTAR Darkrai will be released on Friday, February 25th, 2022 in Japan.

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Cards in Lucario VSTAR Starter Set

The Starter Set VSTAR Lucario contains the Pokémon VSTAR Lucario VSTAR card and the pre-evolved Lucario V!

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Lucario VSTAR
The VSTAR Power Aura Star (はどうスター) is a move that can be used with 2 Energy, and deals 70 damage x the number of Energy attached to the Pokémon in your opponent's field. If your opponent has 5 Energy in its field, it will deal 350 damage, enough to defeat even a Pokémon VMAX in one hit! Also, the Fighting Knuckle (ファイティングナックル) move does 240 damage if the opponent is a Pokémon V, so it's powerful!

Lucario V
A Pokémon V that can V-evolve into Lucario VSTAR. Use Crushing Punch (クラッシュパンチ), a move that allows you to trash one of your opponent's Special Energies, and Cyclone Kick (せんぷうきゃく), a move that deals 120 damage, depending on the situation!

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Gritty Pickaxe (ガッツのつるはし)
A card from the top of the deck can be attached to a Bench Pokémon if it's Fighting Energy, which is useful for quickly using a move that requires Fighting Energy. Even if it is not a Fighting Energy, you can show it to your opponent and then add it to your hand.

Choice Belt (こだわりベルト)
A Pokémon tool that increases the damage dealt to your opponent's Active Pokémon V by 30 when the Pokémon wearing it uses a move. It's effective against Pokémon V with high HP, and it works as many times as you want as long as you have it on!

Cards in Darkrai VSTAR Starter Set

The Starter Set VSTAR Darkrai contains the Pokémon VSTAR Darkrai VSTAR card and the pre-evolved Darkrai V!

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Darkrai VSTAR
Star Abyss (スターアビス), a VSTAR power, allows you to show your opponent up to two item from your trash before adding them to your hand. Dark Pulse (あくのはどう), is a move that does more damage with the amount of Dark Energy your Pokémon has on the field, so you can deal enough damage to defeat your opponent's Pokémon in one hit!

Darkrai V
A Pokémon V that can V-evolve into Darkrai VSTAR. With the move Dark Hole (ダークホール), which makes the opponent Active Pokemon fall Asleep, there is a possibility that you can create an advantageous one-sided situation where you continue to do damage.


Dark Patch (ダークパッチ) An item that allows you to attach Basic Dark Energy from your trash to a Dark Pokémon on your Bench. You can bring it to your hand with Darkrai VSTAR VSTAR's power, Star Abyss, and if you use it, you can increase the damage of Darkrai VSTAR's move Dark Pulse.

Product Details:

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Pokémon Card Game Sword & Shield Starter Set VSTAR Lucario
ポケモンカードゲーム ソード&シールド スターターセットVSTAR ルカリオ
Pokémon Card Game Sword & Shield Starter Set VSTAR Darkrai
ポケモンカードゲーム ソード&シールド スターターセットVSTAR ダークライ
Suggested Retail Price: 1,711 yen (tax included) each
Release Date: Friday, February 25th, 2022

Set contents:
  • 1 x 60-card deck (60 cards) - Due to the nature of constructed decks, there are multiple copies of the same card.
  • 1 x Damage / Marker Sheet
  • 1 x VSTAR Marker
  • 1 x Pokémon Coin
  • 1 x Playmat
  • 1 x Player's Guide