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Culture Convenience Club and The Pokémon Company have announced that a Pokémon Card Game authorized lounge called POKÉMON CARD LOUNGE will open on the 5th floor of SHIBUYA TSUTAYA on Thursday, April 25th, 2024. High resolution photos from the press release have been added to an Imageboard thread.

YouTube Clip - POKÉMON CARD LOUNGE Introductory Video

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgROG0NxgDs

POKÉMON CARD LOUNGE: Service Details and Fees

At the POKÉMON CARD LOUNGE, you can enjoy the Pokémon Card Game experience in a special space with a sophisticated design and original, carefully selected, high-quality seats to play the game. The minimum charge is 1,500 yen (excluding tax) per person for 60 minutes.


The walls of the POKÉMON CARD LOUNGE are designed with Basic Energy energy symbols and other designs, creating a space that features the Pokémon Card Game style. All desks and chairs are custom-made to provide a comfortable place to play the Pokémon Card Game.

In addition, you can enjoy free drinks and snacks (about 50 kinds of drinks and 30 kinds of individually wrapped snacks) at the table where you play against each other. You can play the Pokémon Card Game with the cards you brought, but they will also lend you decks such as a Pokémon Card Game Classic* deck and other necessary items such as supplies free of charge, so you can enjoy yourself even if you come in empty-handed.
(*) Please note that the number of Pokémon Card Game Classic decks is limited.

There is also one private room that can accommodate up to four people (see price plan for details), allowing groups to play without worrying about their surroundings or just relax.


And, as a commemorative novelty, visitors to the POKÉMON CARD LOUNGE will receive one of a total of 11 types of welcome cards at random with an energy mark on the front. The welcome card is a great size to use as a divider inside a deck case. The date of visit and the deck used can be written on the back, and the opponents names can be described on the back.


In the product sales area, they will be selling Pokémon Card Game related products and original POKÉMON CARD LOUNGE goods with the Basic Energy energy marks as the main design used on the products. A total of 30 different products will be available for sale, including clothing, stationery, and household goods that are luxurious yet can be used in everyday life, as well as products that can be used in competitive games, such as deck shields, deck cases, rubber play mats, and more.


Gallery Area: 6 special oversized cards to be exhibited

In the gallery area, six special oversized cards will be exhibited, with the texture and glitter of the cards reproduced. Visitors can enjoy the charm of Pokémon cards with these oversized cards.


General Seating Fee (per person): First 60 min. 1,650 yen - Extension: 660 yen per 30 min.
PRIVATE ROOM (Max. 4 persons): First 60 min. 8,250 yen - Extension: 3,300 yen per 30 min.
3-hour package fee: General seating fee 3,650 yen
PRIVATE ROOM: 18,500 yen


Source: https://shibuyatsutaya.tsite.jp/pokemoncardlounge/
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