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From the "Charapaki" series, which has shipped more than 80 million units in total, the Charapaki Pokémon Excavation Chocolate (キャラパキ ポケモン発掘チョコ) will be available soon! Break the puffed chocolate into pieces and discover fossil Pokémon. (8 designs in all!) The flavors are puffed milk-flavored chocolate, white chocolate, and the Excavation Pikachu is yellow banana-flavored chocolate!


8 Different Kinds in Total:
1. Gachigoras
2. Ptera
3. Amaruruga
4. Kabutops
5. Rampald
6. Torideps
7. Archeos
8. Abagoura

*Date of product availability in stores may vary by store.

Sources: https://twitter.com/candytoy_c/status/1501724616452354051 and https://www.bandai.co.jp/candy/products/2022/4549660738480224.html

YouTube Clip - Pokémon Excavation Chocolate Commercial

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtwwS1MQCqs
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