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graniph inc. held a presentation of its new project P-Lab, a collaboration with the Pokémon Card Game and YouTuber Hajime Syacho on Wednesday, May 25th, 2022 at its Harajuku flagship store. The line will be available to purchase in-store starting on May 31st, 2022. Pre-orders are available online on the grapiph website from May 25th, 2022 until May 30th, 2022. Pictures from the press release have been added to an Imageboard thread.

Behind the Mischevious Pichu running amok is a surprised researcher. Enjoy the items with Pichu's cute and Mischevious expression!

The Pokémon Card Game x Hajime Syacho x graniph collaboration project features apparel items and other miscellaneous items featuring the specially created Mischevious Pichu Pokémon Card art design! The Mischevious Pichu (いたずら好きのピチュー) 214/S-P promo card will be included with any item purchase from the merchandise line at the graniph online store or in-person at graniph stores.

The card will also be distributed at Pokémon Centers, Pokémon Stores, and the Pokémon Center Online nationwide in Japan to customers who shop there. 1 card per person will be given out regardless if the purchased items are part of this collaboration.


P-Lab. is the first collaboration project between the Pokémon card game, Hajime Syacho and graniph, and a special Pokémon promo card Mischevious Pichu was created and a total of 14 other collaborative items including T-shirts, sneakers and hats were made using the cards design. A video introducing the project and products is also available on the YouTube channel "HAJIME はじめしゃちょー".

YouTube Clip - Collaboration Project P-Lab.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7DfIdwVtds

In addition, on June 4th, 2022, a Pokémon Card Game tournament for elementary school students only will be held at AEON MALL Hamamatsu Ichino Symphony Court, so that students can enjoy the world of Pokémon Card Game, Hajime Syacho and graniph.

Details of the Presentation:

At the presentation commemorating the launch of this project, Hajime Syacho, dressed in the P-Lab collaboration items, was invited as a guest to talk about the background of the project, his thoughts on P-Lab., the Pokémon Card Game, T-shirts, and other topics. During the presentation, Hajime Syacho and special guest Abareru-kun played a coin toss game.

Coin-toss game between Hajime Syacho and Abareru-kun, named after the move "Panic Party"!


The Pokémon card "Mischevious Pichu" was created for the P-Lab project. The Panic Party (どたばたパーティー) move on this Pokémon card requires the player to do a a coin toss and if a coin rolls head, the opponent takes damage, and if a coin rolls tails, the player Pokémon takes damage.

To celebrate the start of the P-Lab. project that produced this special promo Pokémon card, comedian and Pokémon variety show host Abareru-kun came to the event. Abareru-kun and Hajime Syacho played a coin-toss game based on the move "Panic Party" from the card. Abareru-kun won the game and was given a shirt and said, "I will wear this P-Lab. collaboration item while participating in a Pokémon Card Game tournament!"

Special Shop Bag

Customers who purchase P-Lab. items at the official graniph online store or at any graniph store will receive a special store bag on a first-come, first-served basis. One bag will be given away per checkout. The offer will end when all the bags are gone. The bag will not be distributed at the Pokémon Center, Pokémon Store, and Pokémon Center Online.




Items List (English):

Type Pattern (P-Lab.) | Collaboration T-shirt - 3,500 yen
Pokémon Card Pattern (P-Lab.) | Collaboration T-shirt - 3,500 yen
Pichu & Pokémon Card (P-Lab.) | Collaboration Short Sleeve Shirt - 6,600 yen
Type Pattern (P-Lab.) | Collaboration Kids T-shirt - 2,200 yen
Pokémon Card Pattern (P-Lab.) | Collaboration Kids T-shirt - 2,200 yen
Mischevious Pichu (P-Lab.) | Collaboration Kids T-shirt - 2,200 yen
Mischevious Pichu (P-Lab.) | Collaboration Kids T-shirt - 2,200 yen
Mischevious Pichu (P-Lab.) | Collaboration T-shirt - 2,500 yen
Mischevious Pichu (P-Lab.) | Collaboration T-shirt - 2,500 yen
Pichu's Face (P-Lab.) | Collaboration Reversible Bucket Hat - 3,850 yen
Pichu & Type Pattern (P-Lab.) | Collaboration Graphic High-top Sneakers - 11,000 yen
Mischevious Pichu (P-Lab.) | Collaboration Mug - 2,500 yen
Mischevious Pichu (P-Lab.) | Collaboration Tote Bag - 3,500 yen

Items List (Japanese):

タイプ パターン(P-Lab.)|コラボTシャツ ¥3,500
ポケモンカード パターン(P-Lab.)|コラボTシャツ ¥3,500
ピチュー&ポケモンカード(P-Lab.)|コラボ半袖シャツ ¥6,600
タイプ パターン(P-Lab.)|コラボキッズTシャツ ¥2,200
ポケモンカード パターン(P-Lab.)|コラボキッズTシャツ ¥2,200
いたずら好きのピチュー(P-Lab.)|コラボキッズTシャツ ¥2,200
いたずら好きのピチュー(P-Lab.)|コラボキッズTシャツ ¥2,200
いたずら好きのピチュー(P-Lab.)|コラボTシャツ ¥2,500
いたずら好きのピチュー(P-Lab.)|コラボTシャツ ¥2,500
ピチュー フェイス(P-Lab.)|コラボリバーシブルバケットハット ¥3,850
ピチュー&タイプ パターン(P-Lab.)|コラボグラフィックハイカットスニーカー ¥11,000
いたずら好きのピチュー(P-Lab.)|コラボマグカップ ¥2,500
いたずら好きのピチュー(P-Lab.)|コラボマグカップ ¥2,500
いたずら好きのピチュー(P-Lab.)|コラボトートバッグ ¥3,500

Source: https://www.graniph.com/collection/collection_00410
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