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Harness the power of the moon, as the Fairy Pokémon Clefairy and Clefable arrived in Pokémon UNITE on October 13th, 2022!

YouTube Clip - Clefable & Clefairy Character Spotlight | Pokémon UNITE

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZ9KgLbXlK4

YouTube Clip - Battle Pass 11 - Sacred Style: Delphox | Pokémon UNITE

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Clefable and the Season 11 Battle Pass Are Now Available in Pokémon UNITE

Follow Clefable into battle or add the Fairy Pokémon to your team in Pokémon UNITE! With the power of the cosmos on its side, this Melee Supporter is ready to shed some Moonlight on Aeos Island. You can obtain Clefable for 12,000 Aeos coins or 575 Aeos gems at the Unite Battle Committee shop. Clefable will only be obtainable with Aeos gems for the first seven days of its release.

Clefable is joining the fray, but there’s more on the horizon for Pokémon UNITE players—Pokémon UNITE’s Season 11 battle pass is now available. Through November 30, 2022, the Season 11 battle pass will offer exciting new rewards, stylish Trainer fashion items, and new Holowear, such as Sacred Style: Delphox and Ranger Style: Trevenant. Each Pokémon UNITE battle pass consists of 60 battle pass levels, with thrilling missions and corresponding rewards available at each level. Complete daily, weekly, and seasonal battle pass missions to obtain battle pass points to increase your battle pass level and unlock new rewards. Players can also exchange Aeos gems for a premium pass, which automatically increases the battle pass level by 10 and provides additional rewards, such as rare Holowear, each time the battle pass level increases thereafter.

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Read on to learn more about everything Clefable has to offer in Pokémon UNITE’s latest update—and to pick up some tips before disarming the competition on Aeos Island!

Clefable Basics

Clefable begins each match as Clefairy, but it will evolve into Clefable at Lv. 4. The Pokémon’s basic attack becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing increased damage. Clefairy and Clefable both have the Magic Guard Ability, which grants the Pokémon a shield when it restores an ally Pokémon’s HP. The strength of this shield is proportional to the amount of HP restored.

Lv. 1 & 2 Moves

Heal Pulse - Clefairy immediately restores HP to itself and nearby ally Pokémon.
Disarming Voice - The user lets out a charming cry, dealing damage to nearby opposing Pokémon and decreasing their movement speed for a short time.

Lv. 4 Moves

Moonlight - Clefable continually restores HP to itself and nearby ally Pokémon for a short time. Clefable’s movement speed is increased while Moonlight is active. Moonlight can be upgraded to widen its area of effect and increase its effects’ duration.
Draining Kiss - Clefable attacks nearby opposing Pokémon with an energy-draining kiss. Each opposing Pokémon hit by the kiss receives damage and releases an air kiss. These air kisses will travel to Clefable’s nearby ally Pokémon with the lowest HP and restore that Pokémon’s HP. If no ally Pokémon are near Clefable, the air kisses will return to Clefable and restore its HP. Draining Kiss can be upgraded to widen its area of effect and increase the amount of HP it restores.

Lv. 6 Moves

Gravity - Clefable creates a gravity zone centered on itself that persists for a set amount of time. Inside the gravity zone, Clefable’s basic attacks change and deal increased damage. Opposing Pokémon in the gravity zone have their movement speed decreased, with this movement speed-decreasing effect becoming stronger whenever a set amount of time passes. These opposing Pokémon are also unable to use dash moves. If an opposing Pokémon attempts to enter the gravity zone with a dash move, the dash move is stopped and that Pokémon is left unable to act for a short time. Gravity can be upgraded to the widen its area of effect and increase its effects’ duration.
Follow Me - Clefable moves to the designated location while waving its finger, drawing the attention of opposing Pokémon it touches and opposing Pokémon near the designated location. Affected opposing Pokémon are forced to approach Clefable for a short time and attack it with their basic attacks. When Follow Me is used, Clefable receives a shield effect. Follow Me can be upgraded to increase Clefable’s Defense and Sp. Def when the move is used.

Clefable’s Unite Move, Wonder Wish

Clefable waggles its finger, restoring HP to ally Pokémon in the area of effect. The lower an ally Pokémon’s HP is, the more HP Wonder Wish restores to that ally. Afterward, Clefable gets a random move that it can perform by using its Unite Move again within a set amount of time. Note: Some random moves will activate immediately.

Metagame Watch

Clefable joins the Pokémon UNITE roster as one of the most unique Supporter Pokémon, offering a healthy balance of opponent disruption and ally healing. Both Moonlight and Draining Kiss provide powerful area-of-effect healing in team fights, while Gravity and Follow Me can hinder anyone trying to get onto ally carries with low durability. A moveset featuring Draining Kiss and Follow Me allows Clefable to go on the offensive when necessary but also provides plenty of utility when it needs to protect its allies, making the Pokémon a solid double threat. Wonder Wish is also a powerful wild card for Clefable, allowing the Supporter to dish out some quick damage depending on the move.

Strong Against: Dodrio
Speedsters hate being locked down by hindrances, and Clefable has plenty of options for stopping a rampaging Dodrio in its tracks. Gravity can directly negate Dodrio’s Jump Kick as well as the dash from its boosted attacks—and it makes Dodrio unable to act for a short time, allowing Clefable’s teammates to take it down a notch. Follow Me doesn’t have the same hindrance potential as Gravity, but forcing Dodrio to attack Clefable is another way to keep its sprint gauge from charging.

Weak Against: Mew
Mew is one of the most powerful Ranged Attackers in Pokémon UNITE. Between its long-range Solar Beam and the seemingly endless mobility granted by Agility, Mew is a difficult Pokémon for Clefable to lock down. If at any point Clefable attempts to target Mew with Follow Me and fails to chain hindrances with its allies, Clefable has few options left against Mew’s superb damage and movement potential.

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