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NAKANO STYLING TANTO and the Pokémon Card Game have announced a special collaboration where 8 different hair styling products based off the TCG Energy Symbols will be released in Japan on August 1st, 2023.

YouTube Clip - NAKANO STYLING TANTO x Pokémon Card Collaboration Movie

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVgkel6mkM4

TANTO, which values the pursuit of personalized styling, and the Pokémon Card Game, where players pursue their own unique style of play by combining various cards, have collaborated to create new products with the aim of encouraging people to always remember their adventurous spirit and take on new challenges, while valuing their personal style, which is the common denominator of each brand. With these collaborative items, they hope to bring even more excitement to your daily hair styling and Pokémon Card Game play style.

Contents of Collaboration Products

① Nakano Styling Tanto Original Design - These originally designed bottles feature the Basic Energy energy symbols, which are indispensable in the Pokémon card game, on eight TANTO items in shades that closely resemble each energy.


② Two special promo cards with the TANTO logo - Each TANTO product comes with one promo card pack for the Pokémon card game that includes a Basic Energy card and a Pokémon promo card with the TANTO logo on them.


The cards in the promo card packs are distributed randomly regardless of the color of the TANTO product. The promo cards may be redistributed at a later date in a different manner.

Collaboration Items:

Nakano Styling Tanto Wax 5/6/7 PO - Achieves free movement and tousled look with selectable setting strength and is easy to spread - 90g each
Nakano Styling Tanto Airlight Wax 4/7 PO - Keeps an airy, light texture with delicate movement for a long time - 90g each
Nakano Styling Tanto Grease 4 PO - Fibers create playful movement and a wet look. - 90g each
Nakano Styling Tanto Clay 8 PO - Matte texture for free movement and volume - 90g
Nakano Styling Tanto Moist Cream 1 PO - Creates beautiful, natural hair with moisture at the ends and manageable tousled look - 90g

The setting strength of each item is indicated by a number, with the higher the number, the stronger the setting strength.


On sale starting on August 1st, 2023:

  • Welcia Holdings
  • Hands
  • Bic Camera
  • Pokémon Centers
  • Yodobashi Camera
  • Loft
  • @cosme SHOPPING
  • Amazon Japan
  • @cosme OSAKA - Later August 2023

In-store Promotional Display:

An original TANTO x Pokémon Card Game sales stands will be deployed in stores.


Source: https://www.nakano-seiyaku.co.jp/products/tanto/pokemoncard23/
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