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Niantic has announced a major update to Pokémon GO with features being released over the next few months. Rediscover the adventure of Pokémon GO with a variety of new ways to express yourself, enhanced visuals, and a GO Snapshot upgrade! It’s time to refresh your Pokémon GO journey.

YouTube Clip - It’s time to Rediscover GO!

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Rediscover the adventure of Pokémon GO with new ways to express yourself, enhanced visuals, and a GO Snapshot upgrade!

Experience the thrill of Pokémon GO like never before with our latest updates! Discover a fresh new look with updates to the in-game map, encounter screens, battle screens, and more—all tailored to your location. From lush forests to bustling cities, tropical beaches to rugged mountains, you can immerse yourself in the diverse landscapes within Pokémon GO. Who knows what Pokémon await you on your journey?

Both your avatar options and the Style Shop have also received updates, allowing you to express yourself with more customization options than ever before. Plus, take your Pokémon photography to new heights with our updated GO Snapshot experience, which now allows you to include up to three Pokémon in a single photo! Don’t miss out on these exciting updates—dive into the adventure today!

Rediscover Yourself


April 17th, 2024 - Express yourself even more with new ways to personalize your avatar.

Rediscover Your World


April 22nd, 2024 - Pokémon GO has a new look, with refreshed visuals now dynamically enhancing your real-world surroundings in a fun and ecologically accurate way.

Rediscover Kanto


April 22nd, 2024 - Explore to find Pokémon first discovered in Kanto that make their homes in certain biomes.

Rediscover Your Reality


May 7th, 2024 - Turn your world into a backdrop for Pokémon photos with the revamped GO Snapshot feature. Certain Trainers in Australia may begin to see the update within the coming weeks.

Source: https://pokemongolive.com/rediscovergo
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