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Pokémon English dub anime fans know voice actor Rachael Lillis for her many roles in the early episodes of the series. Unfortunately, Rachael Lillis has breast cancer that has spread to her spine and is in a nursing home and can barely walk. Her sister Laurie Orr has started a gofundme campaign to help raise money for Rachael to help pay for her medical needs. Fellow voice actors Veronica Taylor, Eric Stuart, Michele Knotz, Tara Jayne Sands, Dawn M. Bennett, Chris Niosi, Mara Junot, Faye Mata, SungWon Cho, Alejandra Reynoso, Amanda Winn-Lee, Eddy Lee, Laurie Hymes, Dan Green, Danny Kramer, Zeno Robinson, Tiana Camacho, Cherami Leigh and Lisa Ortiz have also posted messages about the fundraising campaign. Our best wishes go to Rachael.

Help my sister Rachael with medical needs

Hello everyone. I’m trying to raise some funds for my sister Rachael Lillis who is currently in a nursing home facility in Los Angeles. She has been there since late January & cannot go home yet because she needs money for a caregiver, particularly a home care nurse. Someone who can cook some simple meals, help her shower, and give her medication. Unfortunately, Rachael can barely walk due to cancer that has spread to her spine from breast cancer.
She is receiving care at the nursing home but it can be uncomfortably noisy, and it’s difficult for her to manage rest. If you can send anything, she would surely appreciate this!

Source: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-my-sister-rachael-with-medical-needs

Veronica Taylor @TheVeronicaT

My dear friend Rachael is in need of your help.
Her sister, Laurie, has started a Go Fund Me for medical bills.
Rachael has contributed so much to all of our lives. Any contribution you can make will help her get the care she needs.
Source: https://twitter.com/TheVeronicaT/status/1790136281155969456

Eric Stuart @eric_stuart

This is not easy news to share. I have been friends with Rachael for over 25years. Most people may know us as the silly villains Jessie and James from Team Rocket or Misty and Brock from Pokemon. Please give what you can.
Source: https://twitter.com/eric_stuart/status/1790147112916672707

Lisa Ortiz @Lisalisejam

My dear friend Rachael Lillis, OG Misty and Jessie, is in need of your help. Her sister, started a Go Fund Me for medical bills. Rachael's contributed so much to all of our lives. Any contribution will help her get care she needs. <3
Source: https://twitter.com/Lisalisejam/status/1790149195577639368

Tara Jayne Sands @TaraSandsVO

Our friend Rachael Lillis is in need of your help.
Her sister has started a GoFundMe for medical bills.
Rachael's incredible talent, voice and kindness have contributed so much to all of our lives. Any contribution you can make will help.
Source: https://twitter.com/TaraSandsVO/status/1790155194300563701

Michele Knotz @MicheleKnotz

Hey everyone! OG Jessie & Misty needs your help! Her sister is running a Go Fund Me for medical bills. I first met Rachael working on The World of Narue & she voices Utena from one of my favorite series Revolutionary Girl Utena! Please help if you can!
Source: https://twitter.com/MicheleKnotz/status/1790164949429616721

Dawn M. Bennett @DawnMBennettVA

Rachael Lillis was a huge part of my childhood. I loved her as Misty in Pokémon, and she was absolutely hilarious as Jessie.
Please donate to or boost Rachael’s GoFundMe to cover expenses for at-home care. She deserves the comfort of her own home as she battles breast cancer.
Source: https://twitter.com/DawnMBennettVA/status/1790194510888403388

Chris “Kirbopher” Niosi @Kirbopher

Please lend your support to Rachael Lillis; every little bit helps.
Source: https://twitter.com/Kirbopher/status/1790211583886647647

Mara Junot @maraJunot

Pokémon actress Rachael Lillis (original voice of Jessie from Team Rocket, Misty, Jigglypuff & many other beloved characters) has been fighting for her life battling an aggressive breast cancer which has spread to her spine…Please consider helping her by donating if you can!
Source: https://twitter.com/maraJunot/status/1790200817510953079

Faye Mata @FayeMata

Rachael Lillis, OG voice of Misty, Jessie, and Jigglypuff (including Smash Bros) is battling cancer and needs our support! I'll be streaming some Pokémon Scarlet/Violet this week and next week to help raise awareness and extra donos. Pls donate directly
Source: https://twitter.com/fayemata/status/1790233305272787096

SungWon Cho @ProZD

i grew up loving Rachael Lillis's work in Pokemon as Misty and Jessie, right now she is currently battling cancer and needs assistance with medical bills, please help share her gofundme and let's give her our support
Source: https://twitter.com/prozd/status/1790242855514181719

Alejandra Reynoso @AleReyn0s0

Beloved Pokémon actress Rachael Lillis (VA for Jessie, Misty, Jigglypuff + more) has been battling cancer. If you are in a position to help please consider donating to her medical care and/or sharing her story with the rest of the Poke-community.
Source: https://twitter.com/alereyn0s0/status/1790255326652207533

Amanda Winn Lee @amandawinnlee

Rachel Lillis is a truly wonderful human being. It’s heartbreaking to hear she’s not doing well. Please help if you can
Source: https://twitter.com/amandawinnlee/status/1790262686179356706

Eddy Lee @EddyTZenLee

Any amount helps. Even just sharing to spread the word would be a huge help.
Source: https://twitter.com/eddytzenlee/status/1790385847574921404

Laurie Hymes @LaurieHymes

Let’s help one of our own #Pokemon family if you can!
Source: https://twitter.com/LaurieHymes/status/1790405859354292347

Dan Green @DanGreenVoices

If you are in a position to offer some help, please join me and my colleagues in our effort to support our friend and fellow VO legend Rachel Lillis.
She’s been a part of Anime in America for decades, for many of you a voice you grew up on.
Source: https://twitter.com/dangreenvoices/status/1790403602202407388

Danny Kramer @DannyKramerVO

I grew up hearing Rachel Lillis as the voice of Misty and Jessie, among other iconic characters like Utena.
Any amount of donation helps, or just sharing this to raise awareness to those that can help
Please help support this incredible, OG member of our Pokémon Family
Source: https://twitter.com/dannykramervo/status/1790520314151186442

Zeno Robinson @childishgamzeno

Hello everyone. As I’m sure you’ve heard, Rachael Lillis is battling cancer and needs financial assistance for her care.
She’s the original voice for Misty and Jessie, and a cornerstone of my child hood. Theres no Goh without her. Please consider
Source: https://twitter.com/childishgamzeno/status/1790866589581218244

Tiana Camacho @TianaCamachoVO

Hey everyone!! While this may already be over the goal, let's push it over even more in case there are any other unexpected medical expenses. Let's raise more money for her!!
Source: https://twitter.com/tianacamachovo/status/1790867693249380785

Cherami Leigh @CheramiLeigh

One of our Pokemon family members could use a little support during this tough time. We love you Rachael!
Source: https://x.com/CheramiLeigh/status/1791941462697152682

Bill Rogers @billsvoice

Rachael Lillis was one of the first actors I met when I started my VA journey almost 25 years ago. She was an absolute sweetheart & encouraged me to follow my dream. Now, she needs our help. If you can, please donate to help her cover medical costs.
Source: https://x.com/billsvoice/status/1795465942522282256
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