Jan 24 2011 Pokémon Smash 16

Episode PicturePokémon Smash Episode 16, The Great Starter Pokémon Panic!! / The New Quiz Caravan Game 'Dotekkotsu's Focus Blast Relay Quiz' Starts! / Information on the Anime-related Present for 'Pokémon BW'! (はじ めてのポケモンで大パニック!! / クイズキャラバンで新競技「ドテッコツのきあいだまリレークイズ」がスタート! / アニメに関連した「ポケモンBW」へのプレゼント情報!), aired on Sunday in Japan.

The episode begins with Golgo, Shoko, and Robert having a Minezumi Quiz as they all looked around like a Minezumi to find something hidden. They all looked around and eventually found a picture drawn by Akiyama on Yamamoto's back.

Golgo introduces this weeks rerun episode as part of the Pokémon Library and Shoko announces this weeks theme, (ウソは ついちゃダメ!). This weeks rerun episode was The Great Starter Pokémon Panic!! (はじめてのポケモンで大パニック!!) from the Advanced Generation series. A full summary of that episode is available in the episode guide. Red said the go-to line 'OK! Pokémon Library!' to start the repeat episode.

After the repeat episode, the International Division girls showed up. Professor Red had setup a new game called Kibago's Message Relay Quiz (キバゴ伝言リレークイズ). The game was played by each player on the team closing their eyes and ears until their turn. Each of them had a Kibago like tusk mouth bit that went in their mouth's and they were required to say a line and then pass that line down to the end. The team that got the messaged passed down the line the best was the winner. Shoko and the International Girls were the first team to go.

The first message was: Zoroark and Mijumaru are Shopping (ゾロアークとミジュマルのショッピング). Shoko passed the message onto Hana okay and then Hana passed the message onto Maria fine. Maria then had a hard time talking with the bit in her mouth and Misaki couldn't understand a word she was saying. After a few attempts, Misaki believed she understood what Maria had said and Professor Red wanted to see if the message that was passed along matched the original one he gave to Shoko-tan. Misaki said: Director Zoroark and Kokekokkokkokko (ゾロアーク部長とコケコッコッコッコ). The team blames Maria for the problem they had.

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Next up was the Adventure Division and Golgo. Their message was: Gamageroge and Waruvial's Duet (ガマゲロゲとワルビアルのデュエット). Golgo seems to understand Baba and Akiyama also seemed to understand Golgo. When it was time for Akiyama to tell the message to Yamamoto, Yamamoto couldn't understand a think Akiyama was saying. Professor Red then asked Yamamoto what the message was and he said: Gamageroge just got out of the bath (ガマゲロゲとふろあがりおやこに). The blame went to Akiyama for the failure.

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The 3rd Quiz Caravan then began with TIM and the International Division. This week they visited Saitama Prefecture, Kawaguchi City, Tokyo Township, Elementary School (埼玉県 川口市立 東京郷小学校). They were greeted by a group of grade 1 and grade 6 students.

Golgo states that this quiz would be based on Pokémon Black and White. The first batch of questions would be answered in a Yes - White (O) or No - Black (X) format and the teams would all have to decide which was the right answer and stand on the appropriate side of the line if they didn't want to get eliminated from the quiz.

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Below are the questions that were asked:
# Question Answer
1 Pokémon Smash! - Is Golgo the president? (私は「ゴルゴ社長」である)?
(X) No - Chief Golgo is his title not President Golgo. (ゴルゴ社長じゃなくてゴルゴ所長)
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2 Anime - Does Satoshi's Tsutarja know "Grass Mixer" (サトシのツタージャは「グラスミキサー」を遣きえる)?
(X) No - It knows: Leaf Storm, Vine Whip, Leaf Blade and Attract (「リーフブレード」「つるのムチ」「リーフストーム」「メロメロ」). Shootie's Tsutarja knows Grass Mixer.
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3 Game - Is the shopping mall at Route 9 named "Route Nine" (9番道路にあるショッピングモールの名前は「ルートナイン」である)?
(X) No - R9 (アールナイン)
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4 Card Game - Are there 10 types of basic energy cards in total (基本エネルギーカードは全部で10種類ある)?
(X) No - There are 8 basic energy types: Grass, Fire, Water, Lightning, Psychic, Fighting, Darkness, Metal.
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5 Game - Does the Gorgeous Ball makes a captured Pokémon quickly grow friendly? (The English name of the ball is "Luxury Ball") (ゴージャスボールはつかまえたポケモンがなつきやすかなる)
(O) Yes. (はい)
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6 Pokémon Smash! - Is Director Shoko-tan's belt buckle shaped like a scallsword (しょこたん部長のベルトのバックルはホタチの形である)?
(O) Yes. (はい)
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7 Game - In Raimon City, is the main character given a bicycle from the Pokémon Day Care Man (ライモンシティで主人公にじてんしゃをくれるのは「ポケモンそだてやのおじさん」である)?
(O) Yes. (はい)
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No one got question 6 right about Shoko-tan's belt, so they continued the quiz anyhow. The next section of the Caravan Quiz was a new event: Dotekkotsu's Focus Blast Relay Quiz (ドテッコツのきあいだまリレークイズ). Players were split into teams of three and each of them had a steel I-bar that they had to hold up like Dotekkotsu. A ball would roll down through the I-bar and would be passed on to the next person. The person that passed it would then move to the end of the line until they reached the finish line 30 meters away. Before setting off, the players would have to count the number of specific Pokémon on a board which were mixed up with a lot of other Pokémon to make it harder. The first team to correctly tell the number of Pokémon on the board after successfully completing the ball relay without dropping the ball was declared the winner. After being eliminated early in the first quiz round, the International Division girls redeamed themselves and ended up winning this challenge.

The next segment featured a '4 Legged Quiz' (3人4脚ばらまきクイズ) where teams of 3 had their legs tied up and they were sent out to find a specific Pokémon card based on type or information that was called out. Players would have to know the correct Pokémon types for the cards that were distributed throughout the school grounds and then return back to Red and Golgo.

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During the Marketing Department segment, Shoko-tan announced a new Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection download event for Pokémon Black and White. The 17th episode of Pocket Monsters Best Wishes featured the hatching of Satoshi's egg hatching, making Zuruggu Satoshi's latest Pokémon. To celebrate this event, players of the Japanese versions of Pokémon Black and White have the opportunity to download Satoshi's Zuruggu (サトシのズルッグ) from January 28th, 2011 until February 10th, 2011. Below is the full information.

Pokémon Info

Zuruggu (ズルッグ)
Level: 1
OT: Satoshi (サトシ)
ID: 01281
Poké ball: Cherish Ball
Held Item: Muscle Band
Move 1: Leer (にらみつける)
Move 2: Headbutt (ずつき)
Move 3: Low Kick (けたぐり)
Move 4: Hi Jump Kick (とびひざげり)

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