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Biography Details: 西野七瀬 (Nanase Nishino)
西野七瀬 (Nanase Nishino)
First Name: 七瀬 Nanase
Last Name: 西野 Nishino
Main Country: Japan Japan
Main Language: Japanese
Birthdate: 1994-05-25
Age : 29
Nanase Nishino is a Japanese actress, model, and former idol. She is set to play the lead role of Madoka Akagi in the live action Pokémon drama Cram Adventures in a Pocket.

Press Release - October 13th, 2023
It was announced that Nanase Nishino, who plays the protagonist Madoka Akagi in the original Pokémon live action serial Pokétsume, would join the Pokémon anime as a guest voice actor in December 2023. She played an Eteboth.

A comment from Nanase Nishino: I've loved the Pokémon video games ever since I was a child, so I was extremely happy to learn that I would be appearing in the Pocket Monsters anime TV show. I was initially surprised that I had been cast as an Eteboth, since I wasn't expecting that I'd play an actual Pokémon, but I'm considering this a great honor.
I actually found it to be quite difficult since the way I had to approach my lines was so different from when I'm doing live action. It required a strong sense of imagination since I needed to get across my character's thoughts and current situation purely through making noises.

I got the hang of it little by little though, and it made me really happy when the sound director told me I was "getting close to an Eteboth now"!
This entire thing was a really good experience for me, and one that really made me fall in love with Eteboth. The episode won't be airing for a while though, but look forward to it!

でも徐々にコツが掴めてきて、音響監督に『エテボースに近づいてきたね』と言っていただけたのはうれしかったです! すごい良い経験ができたと思いますし、この機会をきっかけにエテボースが大好きになりました。放送はまだ先になりますが、お楽しみに!
Characters Portrayed
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  • Japan 赤城まどか
  • Japan Madoka Akagi
  • Japan Madoka Akagi
Pokémon Portrayed
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  • United States Ambipom
  • Japan エテボーズ
  • Japan Eteboth