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Title: Re: Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon E3 2016 Update
I would like to see Sunain talk about her opinions on E3 :P. One can dream though. As for the footage I saw today, I'm finally relieved to see that Game Freak is finally doing something new with the franchise (realtime stat updates, Battle Royal, giving hints on what moves can be Effective, Super Effective, or Not Very Effective). For the most part, the 3D models don't look as aliased as in XY/ORAS, the framerate looks fine in battles (although I'm willing to bet optimizations were made for n3DS systems), and I like the trainers have full 3D models which are on the active battlefield. This is exactly what they needed to do with Generation 7 and I cannot wait until the game is more complete to find out more.
Title: Re: Character Guide Bios / Accuracy Check
Quote From: Mistress Eevee

This is a blatant, outright, and disgusting spread of misinformation! If you were a wiki, this information would be removed, and/or the page taken down! Nothing angers me more then someone spreading misinformation!

As previously stated, this was originally part of a hidden easter egg a few years ago, so new visitors wouldn't understand the reference. Just so you know, we do appreciate reporting legitimate mistakes. This however, was a misunderstanding taken a bit too far. Now that we have explained the situation, we hope you now clearly understand how we operate. Yes, we like to inject humor in our website from time to time, but when it comes down to actual reporting at live events, etc. not too many sites come close to the coverage we deliver. Thank you for visiting.
Title: Re: Pocket Monsters Omega Ruby and Pocket Monsters Alpha Sapphire to be released Novembr 2014
I'm actually looking forward to this. Gen 3 has always been a sour note for me, since the amount of time spent surfing was unbearable at times. Now that they have a perfectly viable game engine, it's going to be the Houen Region like we never imagined before.
Title: Re: Pokémon X and Y Friends Codes
My friend code (even though it's on the list BigCN linked) is 5155-3301-3026
Title: Re: Version 5 Suggestion/Changes
As I previously suggested, we should implement a timeline feature chronicling all of the subtle changes like minor opening/ending differences, errors in the original airing, introduction to new characters, and special one off segments that were removed in future airings.
Title: Re: Escape From Gengar's Mansion
File: 14441958910068.jpg (1280px x 768px - 224.51 KiB)
Title: Escape From Gengar's Mansion
File: 14441958660014.jpg (1024px x 768px - 201.53 KiB)
One year later...the english version of this game

Title: Re: Fake Pikachu China Object
File: 1443939218006.jpg (1456px x 2592px - 689.23 KiB)
Reverse side.
Title: Fake Pikachu China Object
File: 14439391930064.jpg (1456px x 2592px - 757.71 KiB)
I found this fake Pikachu at a Greek Fair Flea Market. No, I didn't buy it.
Title: Re: Pokkén Tournament (ポッ拳トーナメント)
File: 14432259670076.jpg (549px x 768px - 163.99 KiB)
Pokkén Field Test Guide Back Cover